Love Hope
by Jen Hatmaker on August 19th, 2014

I’ve been waiting to tell you something and today is the day!
I’m going back to Ethiopia and I’m taking some rebel rousers. In 20 days, my beloved Help One Now is going on a Love Hope Storytellers Trip to my favorite country in the “whole white world” as Remy says (please enjoy the irony).
You guys, Ethiopia!
Remember the day we met these two? Ethiopia makes some beautiful children.

HON has been working in-country for one year, beginning with the urgent work of aid and now moving into the sustainable work of development. Wait until you hear what we are doing: We are specifically working in the community of Gunchire (gun-CHEER-ee) where extreme poverty has put most families at risk. But here is why I believe in this trip so deeply: We are coming alongside this struggling community with one primary goal – to keep these families intact through sponsorship. This is absolutely orphan prevention, as these families are on the brink of disruption not for lack of love but resources.

We say NO to this. We say poverty orphans are not okay on our watch. We say every Mama and Daddy should have the right and means to raise their own beloved children, and if they don’t have the means, then the ‘haves’ in the world will not sit on our pile of privileges while good families disintegrate around the globe. We are going in the name of family preservation, because if we love hope for our precious families, shouldn’t we love it for everyone else’s? What good and beautiful work to tie a safety net around a precious community and stand in the gap of extreme poverty.
Doesn’t our world need so much more love and hope right now?

We are going to tell you everything about everything. You’ll get the goods. A bunch of you are going to help hold this community together and preserve entire families. You don't even know yet. It is going to be amazing. We are going to Love Hope together. We are going to crush this.
We have a killer team flying 24 hours in coach to Ethiopia to tell you this story. (Jesus be near. And also, Ambien.) You’re going to love these people. You already DO love these people.

Kristen Howerton
Wife + Mom of Four + Leather Bound Books and Rich Mahogany
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Jillian Lauren
NY Times Bestseller + Mom + Rockwife + International Girl of Mystery
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Korie Robertson

Wife of Willie + Mom of Many + Commander of Ducks
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Yours Truly

Ethiopia Enthusiast + Mom of Five + Hashtag Abuser
You are currently on my website. A link is probably unnecessary.

This ain't your mama's storytelling team. All of us have adopted, one of us is a professor, two of us have tattoos (THAT WE KNOW OF), three of us are good at Instagram (the other shall not be named), one of us is married to a rock star, and one of us deals daily with a beard. We run the gamut on politics, religion, and history but we all love people, we all love families, and we are all ready to bang the drum for Help One Now in Gunchire.

Our creatives will bring their typical shock and awe of talent. These guys make the pictures and do the pretty.

Scott Wade: Storyteller + Good Picture Taker + Beard of Fire
Ty Clark: Hipster Artist + Fancy Creator + Kammok MOBster

The brainy Mike Rusch, CEO of Pure Charity is coming for his smart thinking. The Help One Now fearless leaders will keep the wheels on their loose-cannon storytellers: Chris Marlow, Lamar Stockton, and Tim Newberry. These guys, all ballers.

We’ll be on Ethiopian soil September 10th. I can hardly stand it. We are going to Love Hope like a boss. You are too. Sign up for our emails and blogs here. Follow us on the Twitter and IG (#lovehope) so you can see lots of pictures of me kissing Ethiopians (I can’t not). Get ready to fall in love with the people of Gunchire. Resistance is futile.

Will you come along with us? 

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