7 is the true story of how Jen (along with her husband and her children to varying degrees) took seven months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence. In the spirit of a fast, they pursued a deeply reduced life in order to find a greatly increased God. Click HERE for more info on 7. (Thanks to the good folks at Barnes and Noble for believing in 7 so much!)
Interrupted encourages believers to ask if their lives bring integrity to the gospel. Follow the faith journey that begins with one dangerous prayer, “Raise up in me a passion,” and concludes with a life of service to the last, the least, the forgotten, and the forsaken. Click HERE for more information.
Women have been identified in many conflicting ways. Sometimes goddesses, slaves, or seductresses, but always misunderstood, by themselves and others. Jen uses examples from the five women named in Jesus’ lineage to help define a daughter of Christ, each has something to pass on. Courage, wisdom, and influence are the heritage of a woman. Click HERE for more info.
Can't hear God though the cell phone, the kids, and the endless static of life? Discover over 20 ways God speaks to us, and learn to tune in to the power of divine conversation. This women's Bible study from the Modern Girl's Bible Study series talks about what is really important to you, such as your relationships, work, stress, sexuality, and forgiveness. More INFO.

In this character Bible study, you'll see what women from the Bible have to say about balancing our sanity with great expectations. With her infectious humor and honest voice, Jen Hatmaker shares insights that will help you manage your time, set priorities and boundaries, and organize your world. Click HERE for more info on Makeover.
No one promised studying the Bible would be easy, but no one said it was supposed to be all work and no play either. Join Jen as she introduces a refreshing new way to learn and laugh while forming a deeper relationship with God's Word. A Girlfriend's Way to Bible Study will make you laugh out loud as it transforms the academic nature of personal Bible study into a fresh, simple format that will radically change the way you interact with Scripture forever. More INFO
God is interrupting the lives of Christ-followers and His church, reminding them that He cares deeply about issues of justice and mercy. Through a fresh and surprising look at Scripture you’ve heard before but never taken seriously, Interrupted will challenge your sensibilities. This is a 5 week study complete with video and leaders guide. click HERE to find out more.
Jen takes the words and deeds of Jesus, adds the humor of a young mom's life, and offers messages of grace and encouragement. She shows overburdened moms forty things Jesus doesn't expect them to do on their own. This is a devotional for the woman inside the mom--the Bible student, the learner, the world-changer. Click HERE for more info.

Grab your girlfriends and hold on for the ride of your life as you discover what the Bible has to say about faith, identity, and much more. This character Bible study covers topics important to women, including forgiveness, rest, worship, and spiritual transformation. Click HERE
for more info.
Women are relational by design, but in the frenzy of everyday life friendships are often the first casualty on an overwhelming to-do list. Girl Talk helps explain 5 levels of communication that nurture intimacy. Reset your priorities while studying God’s design for community. Click HERE for more info on Girl Talk.