May 16, 2022

A prayer for the teachers



Lord, I want to offer up a Saturday night (or any night) prayer for the teachers. All of them, dear Jesus, but double especially the ones who are also parents. And Savior, triple especially the ones who also have a graduate.

It just isn’t tenable, God. I am asking you to prioritize their prayers above the rest of ours for the next calendar month. They are just humans, because that is how you made us, but they cannot be expected to manage missing work, failing students, major projects, end of year programs, assemblies, finals, grading, all the interventions to get their students over the finish line PLUS THEIR OWN DAMN KIDS WHO ALSO HAVE TO DO ALL THIS SHIT.

Jesus, if you can believe this, the high school teachers have to write recommendation letters to get their students into college and trade schools and jobs FOR NO PAY AND IN THEIR FREE TIME IN ADDITION TO ALL THIS OTHER TOMFOOLERY. This is disproportionately asked of the favorite teachers so thus they are punished for being awesome. Make it make sense.

How, God? How can they do it all? Is it because of the robust and appropriate salaries they make? (Hold for laughter.) Is it because their state governments prioritize education and incentive their careers? (Hold for guffaws.) Is it because teaching through covid has been such a pleasant and supported experience? (Hold for cackles.)

Anyway, Lord. Please give all teachers some exemptions, particularly for whatever they are supposed to also be turning in for their own children. Allow teachers of teachers’ kids to remember their beleaguered compatriots and hand out free passes. And for the teachers with graduates? I don’t even know, Savior. Maybe fire up the rapture.

Teachers, as for me, I expect virtually nothing from you. Cancel the missing assignments, assign everyone a 70%, and hit submit. Get thee to summer, warriors.

We’ll start over in August.

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