Stuck in the Doldrums: An Attack Plan

April 2, 2013

dol·drums [dohl-druh mz, dol-, dawl-] noun ( used with a plural verb  ) 1. a state of inactivity or stagnation, as in business or art: August is a time of doldrums for many enterprises. 2. a belt of calms and light baffling winds north of the equator between the northern and…

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And Then the Conference Uninvited Me to Speak

March 18, 2013

Like most graduating high school classes, mine rewarded our parents and educators by perpetuating Senior Skip Day right before finals. I can only imagine these satisfying gestures are why secondary teachers are able to get out of bed in the morning. In a slightly innocent twist, my class of clowns…

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Women of Valor…Pinterest Aside

December 21, 2012

This fall brought some wonderful things with it, starting with Back to School (whatever, this thrills me and I don’t care what you say), Haiti and The Legacy Project, kids who can read (this is a thing), a sister/mom trip, the discovery of When Parents Text, Uganda, Remy’s prayers, good…

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In the Basement

July 27, 2012

I lived in Kansas from 8th-12th grade. In that time, I became well acquainted with Mr. Tornado and all his little friends: Siren, Tornado Watch, Basement, and False Alarm. In April of my junior year, our house was hit by a tornado. The end of our street was flattened; we…

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Trisha Yearwood on the Back of a Harley

April 10, 2012

Some people struggle privately, in the safety of their family and close friends, tucked away from public scrutiny. They reach out to a small handful of trusted people and gallop towards stability in the comfortable cushion of dependable community. Others, like for instance, me, post their mental breakdowns on the global…

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I am inept. Thank you for understanding.

March 4, 2012

I spent last week at Verge 2012, teaching a teeny bit, but mostly listening to simpletons like David Platt and Alan Hirsch and Dr. John Perkins unpack Scriptures and exegete passages with such precision, I’ve decided it is a travesty people are ever subjected to my teaching and I am,…

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For the Cheaters, Shirkers, and Cherry-Pickers

February 9, 2012

When I take personality tests, I always bust the matrix. Just when they almost have me all figured out, I answer “strongly disagree” and the whole trajectory falls apart. On question #9, “I do a thorough job, valuing completion,” and on #10, “I am easily overwhelmed and often abandon projects.”…

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December 12, 2011

About this time of year, I become terribly enamored with people’s End of Year Lists shared on the interwebs (Top Ten Books I Read in 2011, Top Five Influencers in My Life This Year, Top Twenty Songs that Mattered in 2011). These blogs and articles discuss issues that matter, helping…

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