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Jen and her husband Brandon, who she dubs as the “heavyweight champion of gift giving,” record a special podcast together to discuss their favorite gift giving ideas for 2017!  PLUS hear behind-the-scenes stories about Jen’s many earnest attempts to compete with Brandon in the gift giving department -- with hilarious results. Whether you are an amazing gift giver or if you suffer from gift-giving anxiety, we've got so many incredible gift ideas for the people you care about this year. The products you'll hear about run the gamut from fun to practical and/or benefit an organization that is helping people and doing good in the world. Whether you're just starting your Christmas list or trying to wrap it up for those "hard-to-find-the perfect-gift-for" for people in your life, you're gonna want to take some notes as you listen to this episode. Or better yet, visit to find all the links to the products mentioned in this episode, PLUS special offers on many of the products mentioned as our special gift to you, the listeners of the For the Love Podcast. 

Transcript from the show

Narrator:  Welcome to the “For the Love Podcast” with bestselling author Jen Hatmaker.  Come on in, and join us for a chat with Jen and friends about all the things we love. Now, here’s Jen. 
Jen: Hey everybody it's Jen Hatmaker.

Welcome to the For the Love Podcast. Super excited to have you today. Right now we're in the middle of a series that I totally love. I hope you're loving it too. It's called for the love of fall, and holidays. I've had some of my favorite people on this series so far, and so what's happening today is that you're getting a bonus episode! 

We are releasing two episodes this week, and this one is pretty special. Probably going to be one of my favorites of the entire year. I thought what better time than right now in December in the middle of this series to talk about my favorite gift ideas for Christmas this year. Things that I totally love, ala Oprah.
In the past, if you've been with me for some time I've done big blog posts on some ethical organizations that I love for gift buying. They're fair-trade, or they have really responsible hiring, or labor practices, or they source their products, and materials really well, or they kind of invest back into their communities, or to an vulnerable communities specifically so that's what we're doing today. That's what this list is. It's not just ethical products. They're amazing products. I don't want to just bring you something that has a cool backstory, but you're a person that's going to be like meh. All these gifts are fabulous, and any of your people would be so happy to get them. Let me say this first before we jump into it, because there's going to be a lot. All of this information is going to be over at my website at on the podcast page. And honestly you're almost just going to have to go over there. We're going to have literally every single product linked over there. A lot of these are giving my podcast listeners special coupons, and deals. We're going to have those all listed out.
We'll have pictures of everything. That's going to be a great resource. If you're just listening to this in the car, or wherever today when you're finished don't worry that you didn't get to take them out. You can go over to, and we have this huge, amazing page built out for you where with just a click you can get to every single thing that we mentioned today. The reason I'm saying we is a reason. Let me just say this, if you've even followed me for half of one minute you've probably heard me limit a handful of times about my own, lets just call it struggle. My personal struggle with gift giving, and coming up with really thoughtful gifts, and all of this is made a thousand times worse because I am married to the heavyweight champion of gift giving. You know that it's true if you have been paying attention, and it's not fair, and it makes me mad.
Brandon is the absolute best one I know at figuring out really thoughtful, and unique, and special gifts. For example, let me give a couple of examples over the years. Here's one. On my 30th birthday, when I turned 30, he got me 30 t-shirts from all my favorite places in Austin. Like my favorite restaurants, and my favorite little weirdo places, and my favorite record stores, and all of that. 30 t-shirts from my favorite places in Austin. Recently he gave me a very beautiful brand new ring. This is why I can't win, because he gave it to me on the 25th anniversary of our first date. I don't know how to help me process that. I guess you could see how I handled it, because he said, "Do you know what today is?" And I was like, "Uh, Tuesday?" No idea. Not only did I not know, it was the anniversary. 25th anniversary of our first date. I certainly didn't have a present for him.
He gives me a diamond ring. Can't win. This is just what I'm trying to tell you. It's all like this. I thought today you guys, wouldn't it be fun to have the champ himself join us on the podcast because when it comes to buying, and giving gifts he is the winner, right? I would like to welcome to the podcast Brandon Hatmaker. Hi.
Brandon: Hey everyone. Where do you go from there? My goodness.
Jen:  You make me so mad. I'm so mad at you.
Brandon:  Not supposed to make you mad, it's supposed to make you feel good.
Jen:  Well it also makes me mad, because there's just no competing with it at all.
Brandon:  Maybe that's the foundation. I don't think I'm competing.
Jen: Okay. Well see. That's how we're different. Tell everybody about ... I try you guys. I do. It's not that I don't try it's just everything doesn't quite falls just a tiny, tiny bit short. Tell everybody about what did I give it to you for? Father’s Day? When I was going to take you to an amazing stand up comedy show?
Brandon: Oh my gosh. You really want me to tell that story?
Jen:  Yeah. I want you to tell it. I want everybody to understand what we're dealing with here.

Brandon:  Well Jen has always worked hard to give good gifts, and she has, she really has. She sells herself short.
Jen:  Oh don't lie.
Brandon:  One year it was interesting though. She was learning to be a good gift giver, and we had already committed together we really enjoy giving experiences as gifts. So for fathers day she gave me ... She knows I'm kind of a ticket snob. If I'm going to go out of my way to go to an event, to a game, or to whatever, I really like to spend a little extra to increase the experience. Having nice seats, and so she got us front row seats to Jamie Foxx, who is a hilarious comedian. He was on Living Color back in the day, wasn't he?
Wow, old school. Yeah.
Brandon:  That's throwback.
Jen:  He's hilarious, and we love him, and he makes us laugh.
Brandon:  Well, especially Jen loves him.
Jen:  Right. Okay that's true.
Brandon:  Jen loves him. I like him. He's pretty good, but front row--it'll be fun. It'll be…

Jen: Stand up routine.
Brandon:  Yeah. Well, actually not at all. The moment I got the tickets I reminded her that he had just dropped an album, and he was rapping now. She said no, that surely he's going to do his stand up routine.
Jen:  I'm not going to accidentally buy tickets to a rap concert.
Brandon:  And yet, she did.
Jen:  I did.
Brandon:  He told not one joke, and we were on the front row, right in front of eight monster sized woofers that the bass was so intense at one point it was choking us. Our neck meats…
Jen:  It was choking us.
Brandon:  Literally our neck meat was being pressed into our breathing tubes.
Jen:  It was so weird.
Brandon:  So memorable.
Jen:  I felt flattened.
Brandon:  Hey, gift giving is about memories. That was a memory.
Jen:  Oh gosh. We literally could not hear for three days, and I'm not joking. Could not hear. Like if somebody shoved cotton down our ears, and all I wanted to do was hear Jaime's jokes.
Brandon: Well, you remember he had that hit “Blame It On The Alcohol.
Jen: Well, yeah I do remember. That was the big finale.
Brandon:  That was the one that choked us out.
Jen:  Listen it did, and I had this moment of reckoning, because when he did it, and it just went full blast on that song. The loudest, the craziest, the wildest, it was the grand finale, and I had tried as hard as I could because ... Like here I am. I'm like in a little lacy sort of flouncy dress, and my cowgirl boots like some kind of basic Becky from Austin, and then everybody behind me ... Brandon, and I are the only white people anywhere near the front, and so I am thinking, I can't hear, and I don't want my black sisters behind me to see me give into this. That I need to cover my ears. I can't do it. I need to be strong, I need them to respect me. I can't just ... but when “Blame It On The Alcohol” came on, I literally thought I was going to die…
and so there's our train. The train is a soundtrack to this podcast, in case this is your first time to join us.
Brandon: Well, we've had the neighbors truck, we've had the trash truck, and now the train.
Jen:     Listen, we're living a real life here so we just have to carry on, but I had to plug my ears, because I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to die, and go deaf.
Brandon: I was choking out. I literally could not breathe.
Jen:  Exactly. I plugged my ears, and then I just sort of slipped my head around to look behind me to see how much shame this was going to carry that I had to plug my ears like basic Becky on the front row, and every single black woman behind us for 10 rows had her ears plugged with her fingers.
Brandon:  Every person for 20 rows.
Jen:  That is so true. I felt like, “okay, you know what? We're in this together.”  It's like the sisterhood. What I'm trying to say is; I try. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not work. I just don't know what to do. I don't know how to fix it. 
Now that you're here on this show after I've talked about your just natural gift at doing this, I'm thinking about my listeners today. All of the men, and women would probably like to hear some tips from you in this area since this is just something that you excel at for whatever reason. How can people really nail it this year? How do you come up with such thoughtful, and personal ideas year after year. What is your strategy here?
Brandon: I don't really think there's a formula necessarily. Obviously sometimes the gift is about the item itself. Sometimes it's about the person itself. I think, what is key, is the gift giver has to be incredibly insecure, and wanting to gain the affections of people that they're..
Jen:  That's nice.
Brandon: That's probably something to do with it.
Jen:  I see.
Brandon:  Again, I was thinking about that question earlier today, and something I notice that I do, and it's unintentional, but maybe I've started doing it intentionally, is to not make the mistake of just waiting till the last minute.
Jen:  I know what you mean.
Brandon:  It's not that you’ve got to go shopping. I think sometimes, just pay attention through the year. I think everyone in your family, or friends, or whatever, at one point during the year you spending time together is going to say something about something that they wish they had, or they wanted, or that they saw that they liked, that they didn't get. I think it's fun to take note of that thing, and maybe even pick it up, or don't bring it up the rest of the year, and then maybe surprise that person with that thing, but you have to be paying attention throughout the year. I think the same thing goes for ... I know we're talking about Christmas right now, but special dates, or if something happens in the life of someone that I know, many times I'll write that thing down on my calendar.
It comes up a year later, and I'll remember that this thing happened to them, and send them a note, or do something for them. That seems kind of unique. I am a person also, who, I'm all for instant gratification. I hate to wait. Jen always laughs at me.
Jen:  Oh my gosh. That is the truest thing. I've gotten a gift on the actual day like never.
Brandon:  That's not true.
Jen:  No it is so true. I get it at least 13 days early.
Brandon:  Well, that's something I'm working on, but here's the reason she gets it early is because I usually if I see something, and I think that would make a great gift, it doesn't have to be a great time to give a gift in order to buy a great gift. If it's the perfect thing, or the most unique thing, or it sparked “hey, that makes me think of this person,” I'll get it. Jen, and I are both doing this now. We have unique gifts in our closet kind of stacked up. Things that we were like “gosh, that is a great buy, or a great deal, or a great idea. Go ahead, and get it.” Then it's up to you whether, or not you have the willpower. That ring I bought you I bought six months before I gave it to you.
Jen:  There is no way that is true.
Brandon:  I can show you the receipt.
Jen:  Oh my gosh.
Brandon:  I swear to you I saw it, and I thought “that's gorgeous.” Anyways-
Jen:  That was a lot of restraint. Probably more than you've ever shown in your entire living life.
Brandon: I told you I almost gave it to you for three things before that, and because I was just trying to make an excuse to do that. Two quick things. One is Jen actually ... This was Jen's idea, and I love her for it, is we have begun to really focus on experiences for gifts. Not just…
Jen:  You know I really got that from your mom.
Brandon:  Oh. Well that figures.
Jen:  Your mom is so good at that. She started doing that for our kids years ago. She'd give them a concert, or a play, or a day together as their present, and they loved it, and I loved it, and we've kind of adopted that now.
Brandon:  Well, we loved that, and create those memories. We all have those memories, and those things that we did with our families when we were younger, and you create those environments for your kids, or spouse, or whatever. The last thing is relevant to what we're doing today. Sometimes it's just unique to have a gift that has some significant meaning, or something that's purposeful. Either to you, or the recipient. If it's the right thing to the person who's getting it, if it means something to you, they will feel that. Especially if it means something to them, and that you notice that it was significant to them, or whatever it may be. They'll notice that as well. Handful of things just to be aware, and I think most of them they just have to ... just can't wait to think about things till the last minute.
Jen:  I think that might be a piece of my problem. I'm not saying entirely, and you don't know everything, but that's maybe one of them. Although, for Father’s Day this year I got you a golf cart. That was good.
Brandon:  You did. It was crazy.
Jen:  It was the best I've ever done.
Brandon:  It was, and you know what I was thinking about that too, is we've talked through this today a little bit. I think there's something in that that you did that was really good.
Jen:  That I tried? You were just happy that I tried. Remember?
Brandon:  I think you always try.
Jen:  Well that's not entirely true. I tried, and I brought Gavin with me, and he helped me do some test driving.
Brandon:  Well, that was critical. I think involving other people who know that person is important.
Jen:  Right? See, I'm not a complete failure. 
Alright listen, before we jump into all these products, one last thing to you. So you're a guy, and a lot of us listening are girls. That's the majority of my podcast listeners, I'm guessing. Sometimes guy gifts are a little bit overwhelming because I don't know; they feel a little bit cliché, or sort of cheesy. You see here's a tie, or I don't know what. A coffee mug that they don't want, or a screwdriver. It's just kind of all been done, so if you are getting a chance right now to speak on behalf of all the men that these listeners represent, and will be shopping for, how can you help us steer clear of that? What are some good ideas for guys this year? I don't know. Whatever—big or small--I don't really care, but what do you think are some great ideas just to give women who are shopping for some men in their lives?
Brandon:  Well, let me tell you something you already know. Guys are tough. Mostly because if they want something, they'll usually just go out and get it anyways.
Jen:  Oh, so true. I've always said, if you want something, you'll just get it on Tuesday.
Brandon: Yeah. I acknowledge that, but there are things. There's some cross ideas here that I have that aren't necessarily universal, but I'm thinking about that big person in your life. I think there are things throughout the year that maybe, you even know it’s time, or something you talked about getting together, or something that they might think in the next year they're going to get, or going to need to get that they really want, but it's not time yet. If there's a way to surprise them early with that thing. Honestly if they're already going to get that thing, or maybe it's a big expense, or something that they need to surprise them early with that sometimes is a really good idea. I think a lot of the other things are related--kind of just given permission. I think guys have these things in their mind that they want to do, but they don't feel like they can, or should. Maybe that's because they don't want to spend the money, or they don't feel like they don't have permission to be able to go do that thing that seems selfish, or whatever it may be.
Whatever it is that you're giving that person; that permission I think is good. I always think gift cards sound lame, and people don't want to give gift cards, but guys are so--whether it's to Cabella's or Bass Pro Shop, or that stereo store, or that TV--whatever they're wanting to get. Don't underestimate the freedom of a guy who loves to get whatever. Maybe to get them something that represents the freedom to get that thing, and maybe it's something they might not normally ... maybe it's something that you know that they've wanted that you didn't exactly want them ... weren't sure, but it's not that big of a deal for them actually. Like that next tattoo. Maybe a gift certificate for that, or whatever that just blows their mind. That's an interesting idea. Experience-wise, I think great seats to a concert, or a basketball game, or something like that is always good.
This is something that's always been ... I think is always a good gift, and I think it's always hit for kind of a special someone in your life. You're not going to do this for your boss, or whatever, but men often get jewelry for women, and jewelry represents something that I think is unique. One, it always represents something that lasts for a long time. It always maintains its value. It's significant for something, like a diamond, or something like that. Typically, you would never buy that for yourself. To get that from a spouse is really unique. Well, men usually don't get diamonds, but maybe your husband has thought about it. Your boyfriend, or whatever has really thought about getting a nice watch. I think a watch is always a great gift. Especially if you go a little bit beyond, and think about one that might hold its value. I'm not talking about a Rolex, or something like that, but there are a lot of Swiss made watches that will last a lifetime that can actually be handed down.
Like Victorinox, Swiss Army, or Tissot, or some of the lower end of the Tag Heuer's, or things like that. There are different watches that a guy would probably never spend several hundred dollars, or even maybe a little bit more on something like that, but it literally could last their entire life. Maybe even pass it down.
Jen:  Let’s also be honest. When you say very, so nonchalantly, very causally, just maybe a little extra. What everybody needs to know is that when you say that, that is so over the top. Your just a little extra is just all the way extra.
Brandon:  Yeah. It's true.

Jen: Brandon--our little friend circle--has this hilarious nickname that we gave him years ago. Probably 20 year ago, and we call him “crab add on,” because whenever we used to go to a restaurant..
Brandon:  Steak house, or something.
Jen:  Like a steakhouse, and he would order crab, or steak. If ever there was an option to "and add on…”
Brandon: Oh yeah. Like $7.99 for a pound of snow crab, why not?
Jen: Oh why not, it's just like $700 dollars a pound. Brandon would always add it. Every single time. Always “crab add on.”  “Crab add on” has become his nickname because he's “crab add on” on everything. If something could be, as he so casually puts it, “a little extra,” it's so going to be his choice.
Brandon:  Well, that's your choice as you're listening. That's your choice.
Jen:  Okay. So you can be “crab add on” if you want.
Brandon:  This is also why Jen tells me to go buy the tickets. Why she asks me to do several things.
Jen:  That's true. I want to have it, but I don't want to buy it.
Brandon:  Well, here's what I'm telling you. If there was one thing that I think: if you are due for an anniversary present, or something big, or something like that, don't underestimate a nice watch for your guy. I love watches, so take that with a grain of salt. If your guy doesn’t wear a watch, it's probably not going to work.
Jen:  That's true.
Brandon: Go beyond the Timex, or whatever. Get something that is nice.
Jen:  All right. Those are good suggestions. 
Okay, speaking of suggestions. Why not jump into this Hatmaker Holiday Gift Guide? We're going to touch on a handful of things that are going to make really, really great gifts for people on your lists. Girls, guys, all kinds of different tastes, and preferences, and just as importantly, every single one of these products, these vendors, are places where you can feel really good about spending your money. Every single one of them gives back in really unique ways. We're going to talk about all that. They've got sort of a people group, or an issue that their product rallies around, and so these are places where you can feel really good about spending your Christmas dollars, plus the products are like literally amazing.

Again, just a reminder we're going to have all this over at my website at with pictures, and links, and promo deals, and all the things that we have to offer you today.
Listen, here we go. Let's get started... 

the Hatmaker holiday gift guide

#1. Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Jen:  ​Here's one of the first products that we absolutely love, and this is for when you're not quite sure on what to get somebody. This is going to work every time.
It's Grounds and Hounds Coffee. We'll link it over on my website. Grounds and Hounds Coffee. This is for all you animal lovers out there. This was born out of this company's passion to give back to animals. They really do provide us with so many happiness. We're dog people.

​Brandon:  Our dog is definitely our 8th family member for sure.
Jen:  Absolutely, positively. We love animals too. Their tagline is darling; “every pound saves a hound.” Our dog Ladybird gives this one her stamp of approval. 20 percent of all proceeds received by Grounds and Hounds will be donated. They partner with 21 different rescue partners located ...whichever one’s closest to you when you order it. They believe that coffee is like the drink of revolutions, and I could not possibly agree more. Now, this is their passion for rescuing dogs, and it's only rivaled by their passion for creating the perfect coffee. Isn't this coffee so good?
Brandon:  It is. This morning we were out of our coffee, and we had some of this, and literally it was amazing.
Jen:  It's so amazing. It-
Brandon:  Smooth. It's super smooth.

​Jen:  …smells so good. Super smooth, and you have a lot of options here. As a gift, there's a subscription service, which is fabulous, because what is the worst moment of our life all the time?
Brandon: Well, running out of creamer. Second, running out of coffee.
Jen:  Yes.
Brandon:  If you're out of creamer, you might as well be out of coffee.
Jen:  Exactly right. If we wake up, and we do not have coffee, it's just a disaster. That's what a subscription service is so great for. They've got a “Sit and Stay” blend, which is what Grounds, and Hounds recommends to the podcast listeners, which is kind of a medium roast. The beans are from Papua, New Guinea, and Mexico, and Peru, and it's a blend, so it's really, really full bodied, but it's got tiny little notes of milk chocolate, and clove, and black cherry. It's just delicious.
Brandon:  And marshmallow.
Jen: And marshmallow. That's right. That's the one we have. 10 percent fair trade, organic certified. You feel good about drinking this, and you definitely feel good about buying this. Listen, here's something really cool. Just for the listeners of the podcast, Grounds and Hounds is giving all of you 20 percent off your entire order. That can also be applied to a subscription order. Great, great, great deal. If somebody gave me a subscription to delicious coffee for a gift, I would absolutely love that.

Brandon: That's a great gift for a friend, or a relative, or a coworker that you really like, or something like that.
Jen:  Yes, absolutely.
Brandon:   Sounds good in between gifts.
Jen:  That 20 percent is valid from right now through December 31st. You can use the code jenhatmaker, and again I'll have that link over on my website. Grounds and Hounds Coffee subscription. They have darling coffee mugs too. Our coffee mug that we have from them says “wake, brew, rescue, repeat.” Love. Love, love, love, love, love. Okay so, Grounds and Hounds Coffee in any number of gift ideas from them. 
Get 20% off your entire online order (can be applied to subscription orders, too) using the code JENHATMAKER at checkout. Valid through December 31, 2017.
Jen:  That's our first suggestion. You got the second?

#2. TOMS Sunglasses

​Brandon: Yeah. Yeah. Second one actually comes from Tom's. You know them as Tom’s Shoes. Many of you may not know that they do sunglasses as well, and Tom's is no stranger to giving back.
You probably know their story. They have what they call a “one for one” policy, meaning; each purchase helps one person with a particular need based on the item purchased. It started with their shoes. Each pair of shoes, they provide a pair of shoes for children in need. We've seen this. We've traveled all over the world, and we've seen this first hand, and it's a real deal that they do. They also sell other products. Coffee, bags, backpacks, and sales of each one of those products go straight towards other worthy causes, but we really love their sunglasses. Their design ...a couple years ago I got to go to their lunch party here in Austin for the sunglass line, and they are super stylish.
Jen:  They are. I love the aviators, but I also have their big fancy, Hollywood looking glasses too, and I love them.

​Brandon:  Well, and to be honest with you for me, their first line was a little too hipster. A little too out there for me, and what I love now is they've brought in a new line that are very similar to your RayBan aviators. They have some of the traditional designs, and old school designs that are really good, and they're super solid sunglasses. They’re phenomenal lenses. Here's the deal, they're not too cheap, but they're not as expensive as some of the name brands you usually see, but here's what they do with this. Not only are they super stylish, with every pair that they sell, it provides a person in need not just with sunglasses, it gives them a full eye examination by trained medical professions, and then they receive treatment they need whether it be prescription glasses, eye surgery, or medical treatment. This is a big thing. It really goes to something very, very significant.
Jen: Yeah. I always feel like anytime I make a Tom's purchase, and we've loved Tom's for a long time, but whatever that thing costs whether it's the sunglasses, which we love or the shoes- we have tons of the shoes--but I split that cost in half, and I feel like what I'm spending is half of this amount on me, or on you, if I'm giving you a gift, and the other half I am sending to somebody else. This money is going straight to somebody else's sight. To somebody else's well being. You can absolutely feel good about your Tom's purchases.
Brandon:  Yeah it's a good one. It's a good one.

Jen:  Yeah, and we'll have that linked over on the website too. It's at
Brandon:  Yeah, check them out. The Maverick 201 is their aviators. That's the one I would recommend. They’re classy, they’re cool glasses.
Jen:  They so are. I'll put that picture up over the website too. The 201.
Brandon:  Alrighty. What's next?

#3. Rosa Gold Monogrammed Blanket Scarf

​Jen:  Okay. Here’s the next one, and I am like “oooooowuh” about this one. I've already received mine, and I am gaga in love over this. It's from Rosa Gold. 
The Rosa Gold Company has a lot of things. The thing that I love the most from them are these monogrammed blanket scarves. Now first of all, don't come at me with monogramming. This is not just southern, but all my southerners will be so delighted when you go on this website, and look at your monogramming options. I'm so here for all initials. It's this big, luscious, wide, thick, blanket scarf. You can just tie it in a thousand different ways, and it's not these little flimsy things you've got to wrap 70 times around your neck to get anywhere. It's big, big gorgeous. Rosa Gold--it's an all female owned company, which yay, love. They're on a mission to wrap the world. Not just in these gorgeous scarves, but in love, and education.
A portion of their profits goes straight to two really amazing charities. One is Pencils of Promise, which works to build schools in developing countries. Specifically, giving just thousands of girls abroad access to education. There's Pencils of Promise, and then there's Donor’s Choose. So Donor’s Choose is a non-profit that helps our amazing teachers here at home in the states by funding requests for all the things teachers do not get enough money for. Supplies, books, technology, resources to use in their own classrooms. Believe me, teachers are spending 10's of thousands of their own dollars year after year to pull this off. I obviously love this. You know how I feel about teachers. Rosa Gold is committed to empowerment issues. That's kind of their bottom line. They’re committed to helping other women start their own businesses, and causes.
I believe in this company so much. What I recommend is the one that I have, which is oh so, so very dreamy. It's reversible. So it's called the “reversible beige faux plaid monogrammed blanket scarf.”  It's like getting two in one, because it's reversible. Sort of black, and grayish on one side, and light gray on the other. You have seven different styles to chose from when it comes to the monogramming. You can do whatever you want, and it's super affordable. This is such a good gift. If somebody gave this to me--it's so thoughtful. It's so beautiful. It's got somebody’s initials on it. This to me is like a gold-star, slam-dunk gift. Rosa Gold is giving the listeners of the podcast a special deal. Anybody listening today can get free shipping on any order. The code is going to be jenhatmaker, and it's good through Christmas. Through December 25th, and again I'll have all that over on my website. 
Get free shipping on any order using the code JENHATMAKER at checkout. Valid through December 25, 2017.
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​Jen:  Okay. What's your product?

#4. Pine Valley Outfitter's Hammock

Brandon:  All right, fourth thing. A Pine Valley Outfitters hammock. This is a…
Jen:  This is a great gift
Brandon:  Honestly guys, this is a really good gift for that guy in your life. Not just your guy, any outdoors person that just enjoys nature. I first discovered these style of hammocks in Ethiopia. We actually did a couple overnights in Ethiopia, and slept in hammocks in the trees, and it was just amazing. So relaxing, except for the sound of the hyenas in the distance.
Jen:  Right. And you had my 15-year old daughter with you. Out with the hyenas.
Brandon:  It was an experience.
Jen:  I'm sure.

​Brandon:  It was an experience. Here's the deal. Pine Valley has…they do not only the hammocks that are designed you can put them between any trees, they have all of the hardware that goes with it. They're also the ones that do the inflatable lounger. Maybe you've seen those. It's the coolest thing. It becomes an inflatable recliner that you just put on the ground, or on the beach, or anything like that. They're super flexible, super durable. They're so lightweight, and they just get so compact. You can take them anywhere. It's a great gift.
Jen:  It also has a drink holder. It's amazing.
Brandon:  Which is critical.
Jen:  You can lay there, read your book, and drink your drink.
Brandon:  You have everything you want with these. These are really cool. Look at them online on Jen's website. Here's the big thing I love about Pine Valley. 50 percent of their profits from all their hammocks, and their hammock accessories go to non-profits that are fighting against homelessness. 50 percent. Literally half of everything that they make, they give away from this, and then 10 percent profits for all their other products. Again, such a good cause.
Jen:  Yeah, amazing.
Brandon:  Give something with heart, with significance, with a purpose, but these are cool.
Jen: Super cool, and affordable you guys. Whether you are getting the hammock, or the inflatable lounger, they're both only $39 dollars. That's a really affordable gift. Our boys, our sons have hammocks.
Brandon: And Sydney.
Jen:  And Sydney, and they freaking love them. It's a weird win that feels like a really simple gift, and every time it works like 100 percent.
Brandon:  They're strangely comfortable when you put them in the tree, and it wraps you around, and you just relax, and stuff. Anyways, there you go--Pine Valley Outfitters hammock. Check those out. That's probably my go-to on this list for that quick gift that's under $40 dollars that's doing the most good, that I think most people wouldn't expect. It would be just a really cool gift.
Jen:  Totally. It's really interesting. Their website is Again, I'll have it linked, but it's Pine Valley Outfitters hammock. Love, love, love. 

#5. With You lockets

Okay, here's the next one. This is really darling, and different. It's called  “With You”--is the name of the company. With You, and they do these really gorgeous dog-tag style lockets. They’re sterling silver, and you guys, they are so pretty. I'm going to put pictures up of mine. I sent in a picture of Brandon, and I, and they put it inside the locket, and it is so ... It's so stylish, and it's so cute, but it's a little bit edgy because it's a dog tag.
Brandon:  It looks like a dog tag. That's cool.
Jen:  It looks like a dog tag, but its kind of fancy. It's kind of cute.
Brandon:  I don't know. Looks pretty rugged too. A dude could wear this.

​Jen:  Yeah. Here's the one that we recommend; it’s called the “Walter Photo Locket” dog tag, and that's the one that I have.
This was named after--Troy Haley is the CEO of With You-- and the name of his grandfather, who was this kind of spit-fire, hell-raiser soldier. Walter, his grandfather, helped build, and defend the nation we have today. That's what he did. He led combat missions as part of the 87--82nd airborne--excuse me. He apparently loved to spin all these yarns, and tell these stories of his life, and all of those around him. He ended up getting this nickname “Radio” because of his relentless story telling. This is named after him. It's unisex. Wouldn't you wear that?
Brandon:  Yeah.
Jen:  It's not feminine, or masculine. It really could go either way. It's on a 24-inch sterling silver beaded chain.
Brandon:  Which is like the actual chain that they put dog tags on. This is solid silver.
Jen:   Exactly. It's kind of regulation links.  Here’s what's really cool too about With You. Select items, including this one from their catalog, give proceeds to the American Fallen Soldiers Project, which is a great organization, you guys. It's a non-profit, and it provides comfort and healing to grieving families of our fallen military. They just get left, they get lost in the shuffle. This organization makes available, at no cost to those families, an original portrait of their fallen loved one, which is just special. They're going into a little niche place where there's a lot of pain, and suffering, and providing some really tender care. We love this locket. It's With You sterling dog-tag style locket, and we'll link it over on the website.
Get 20% off the lockets at With You by using the code holiday20 at checkout. Valid through December 31, 2017.


#6. The Company Store Comforter

Brandon:  Awesome. All right. Sixth thing, and this is kind of funny that I'm doing it, but if you knew me, you’d realize that it's not.
Jen: Totally.
Brandon:  This is the Company Store comforter. It's an unreal comforter. I always get made fun of because I have to have my own blanket when I sleep. I can't share a blanket, no matter what. I kind of tuck it in like a cocoon, and my kids always pick on me by taking my blanket, and they call it my “blankie.”
Jen:  We call it your “woobie.” 
Brandon:  My woobie. Whatever. You guys don't know.
Jen:  We do know that you have to have it.
Brandon:  Yeah. Well anyways, the Company Store comforter. Amazing comforters. They have like a thread count of high polymer sheets.
Here’s how the woobie started. My mom, when we were young, she took old blankets, and she sewed sheets on the outside of both sides so it always felt like you had that cool sheet on you, but it was this warmer, heavy blanket on you, and this is what this feels like.
Jen:  They stole her idea.
Brandon:  After you buy them, we're probably going to sue them. No, I'm just kidding. Anyways, amazing comforters. Check it out online. It looks like a regular comforter, but real modern look, modern colors, the grays, and the whites, and all those things that we would love. Again, a store with a purpose. One, they're awesome comforters. Two, they give back by partnering with different charities. They specifically support 10 different causes including Ronald McDonald house, Partners in Health Support in Haiti, Operation Home Front. This is a program that defines emergency moral support for troops, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Just to name a few of them. It's a company with a heart. They have an amazing product, and they do amazing things.
Jen:  Just in case you're not sure if that's a good gift, when our daughter Sydney was probably 10, or 11 the one thing she asked for., she's like,  “I just want a cozy bed.” We got her like a really cushiony mattress topper. Do you remember this? It was so squishy, and we got her a beautiful downy comforter just like this one, and new pillows, and new sheets, and she still says that was one of the best presents she ever got. That we gave her little bed an overhaul, and it was comfortable. The one that we recommend is The LaCrosse TCS Down, and Primaloft Deluxe Comforter. We'll again have all that for you. They come in every single color you guys, and also they come in burnt orange. Already this company is a winner.
Brandon:  Hook ‘em.
Jen: Hook ‘em.  I mean, come on with this Company Store comforter.

#7. Starfish Project

Jen:  Okay, this next company I really love, and I've had a connection with them for a couple of years, and it's called The Starfish Project. They have absolutely gorgeous jewelry, guys. Really, really beautiful. Stylish, high end looking. Really trendy, really fashion forward, gorgeous stuff. Here's the deal behind The Starfish Project. They work with, and restore hope to women who are escaping human trafficking, and exploitation in Asia. This is where all their work is centered. They provide really life changing opportunities for these women through a holistic care program, and then it's this incredible social enterprise, which is where we get this jewelry. These women come out of this life, and begin creating this gorgeous jewelry, and they become managers, and accountants, and graphic designers, and photographers. There's sort of every aspect of the industry.
This is a game changer for these women, and their children, right? Starfish Project builds all sorts of capacity around them in terms of stability, and living situation, and counseling, and mentorship, and education. Everything they need to thrive. Really, wait until you see their stuff. It is so, so wealthy. I recommend kind of all of it. Let me mention too, specifically. These are affordable really good price point. I like the ... I don't know exactly how to say it. I think it's
Yvonne? You think it's Yvonne?
Brandon:  I know it's Yvonne.
Jen:  Yvonne.
Brandon:  Or Yvonne.
Jen:  I just feel like you can't be right on that.
Brandon:  Yvonne, or Yvonne?
Jen:  Well, you'll just know it, because I'm going to link it. The stainless steel gold post earrings. Most of you know that I like earrings.
Brandon:  Understatement.
Jen:  This is an understatement. Any earrings that kind of feel like a statement piece, or they're really bold, or interesting. These are really, really gorgeous. I'll have those posted up over there. Also the Rebecca Necklace, which I love. It's sort of a delicate statement piece. It's made from ... I literally have two of these. It's made from purple stone on this 14-karat gold plated stainless steel chain necklace. It's really, really lovely. Again, Starfish Projects offering podcast listeners some special stuff. They're including, for you, a 25 percent off coupon for the purchase of anything from their select line. It doesn't apply to everything on their site. A few select pieces they've curated just for the listeners. You can head over to their website, which is Don't worry, again I'll link this for you. You can see all the darling items that qualify for this deal. The codes jenhatmaker. It'll be 25 percent off any of those items. Just a real quick note that deal cannot be combined with any other offers.
So if you're a part of my email list, hello EFs, and you saw the other promo that Starfish Project shared, you've got to choose one or the other.
Brandon: You can't stack them.
Jen: You can't stack them. But this is a fabulous company making gorgeous things, and that expires on January 31st. What do you have? Oh, we love this next one.
Brandon:  Well, unless you log in as two different people, and do two orders, and then you can maybe stack it like that.
Jen:  Brandon don't game the system, my gosh.
Get 25% off anything from Starfish Project's select line available here using the code JENHATMAKER at checkout. Valid through January 31, 2018.  Deal cannot be combined with other offers.


#8. LSTN Sound Co. Headphones & earbuds

Brandon:  Okay next thing’s number eight. I don't know if it's Listen Sound Company, or if it's LSTN, because it's spelled L S T N Sound Company, headphones, earbuds.
Jen: Let's say “Listen.”
Brandon:  Call them Listen. Listen, here's the deal. My tattoo artist, his name is Curtains, and he spells his name C R T N Z, no vowels.
Jen:  That's a good point.
Brandon:  When I see that, I want to say listenz…
Jen:   That's true.
Brandon:  ... anyways, Listen Sound Company headphones. Here's the deal, every one of us has that person in our life who is cooler than us, and probably hipper than us. 

​Jen:  True.
Brandon:  Maybe it's a young niece, or a coworker, or whatever, and you have no idea what to get this person, and not look like the idiot that I am many times. I would really recommend the Listen Sound Company headphones. Here they are. They are made out of real wood products.
Jen:  They're so pretty.
Brandon:  They are gorgeous. They're high dollar, well made headphones that have ... they're made out of cherry wood, ebony maples, zebra wood, and it's stained so it's the wood texture on black, and silver. These are gorgeous headphones.
Jen:  So gorgeous.
Brandon:  I'm telling you right now. I would put them up against any Beats headphones I've worn. I would put them up against so many from Sony, and those guys, depending on what brand you get, they're pretty amazing, but these sound amazing. Here's the deal, Listen was founded with a singular purpose to “change life to the power of music.” The proceeds of all their sales of products go towards hearing aids for people in need worldwide. Specifically, through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Here's the deal, they have served more than 22,000 people in nine countries, and they're really active here in the United States. A company that gives domestically, but also internationally to eight other countries internationally. Do a lot of really good work, and these are the coolest, hippest things you've ever seen.
Jen:  They really are.
Brandon:  They're packaged really well. Two things we recommend, one is the zebra wood Bowery's wired earbuds so they look like the little earbuds, except they’re wood. It's amazing. With the 8MM drivers, and they're only $49 bucks, great option for teens, and then something a little bit more substantial, the zebra wood Troubadour wireless headphones.
Jen:  Yeah, those are the coolest.
Brandon:  Which are the full sized headphones. I have had these. I've given these away, but I haven't had the wireless so they're even cooler now that they're wireless. Check them out. Listen has given us a great deal through the end of the year. December 31st, you can get 20 percent off of anything on the site at including all of these headphones, and you can use the code jenhatmaker at checkout, and you'll get it. There you go.
Jen:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. We love this gift. We've given it several, several times. Every time they'll freak out.
Brandon:  Jen, you bought these for me one year.
Jen:  I sure did. Okay.
Brandon:  Compliments on the airplane like crazy.
Get 20% off anything on the LSTN Sound Co. site using the code JENHATMAKER at checkout. Valid through December 31, 2017.


#9. B.A.R.E. Soap

Jen:  Yep. Here's the next one. This is a bath product that we love, love, love. This is one of those others. Another kind of product that can go to-
Brandon:  Stocking stuffers.

​Jen:  Yeah. It's going to work for almost any woman in your life. It's the Bare Company. B-A-R-E. This is the Bare soap.
Brandon:  Or bath loving guy.
Jen:  Well, okay. Good point. Thank you. My sons love a bath, as does my husband.
Gorgeous. Right now I have their soap in front of me, and it's smelling up the whole room. It smells so, so delicious. They do bath, and body products, they do candles, gifts, other favors. All their products are 100 percent natural, and sustainably sourced, and that matters. We absolutely want to work with companies that are taking good care of the earth, taking good care of their employees, and so here's what I love about Bare soap. Besides how delicious it smells, and it's beautiful to look at. Just gorgeous. What is that one you call? Striate? What's that word when you look at it?

Brandon:  I don't know, babe.
Jen:  Podcasts are hard.
Brandon:  It's pretty.
Jen:  It's pretty. It's sort of layers of colors. That's what I was looking for. Layers.
Brandon:  Layers.
Jen:  Layers of colors throughout the soap. They're gorgeous. 20 percent of proceeds from every single purchase is invested in their very socially conscious vision. So Bare stands for Bringing Antiseptic Resources to Everyone.
Brandon:  This is huge.
Jen:  Your purchase it helps fund things like vitamins, vaccines, soap in Uganda. It helps provide annual initiatives like every child in their care point with a goat, or helping find a library. Employing fair wages for women in India. To take used hotel soap, and repurpose it into new soap to be distributed to the slums.
Brandon:  To kids.
Jen:  To kids in the slums. We're talking, these people are the real deal. I absolutely love their mission. I love the places that they're willing to go, and I love their beautiful products. We recommend the Essential Duo. That's what I have right here in front of me. It comes with two of their best triple milled premium goat milk bars. It's packaged darling, so you can feel really good about sending this to someone. It comes with this stamped cotton bag. It just looks good. It looks pretty.
Brandon:  Presentation's well done.
Jen: Exactly. It's a really great gift, and super awesome price point at $15.99. When that's the sort of space you're looking at for whom that's about how much you want to spend, this is a beautiful, beautiful gift. Bare soaps is giving our podcast listeners a deal. They're excited for you to try out their stuff, and to give some away as gifts. They're offering 15 percent off anything in the store. Absolutely anything. The code is jenhatmaker15, and it'll get you your discount, and you have until December 31st to take advantage. Bare soap, you're going to love that one. Okay, what you got?
Get 15% off any B.A.R.E. Soap items using the code JENHATMAKER15 at checkout. Valid through December 31, 2017.


#10. Conscious Step Socks

Brandon:  All right. Here's another simple product that's doing a lot of good, and it's just a really great presentation, and really shares the story of what they do well, and that's with Conscious Step Socks. Socks. We're talking about giving someone socks. Honestly, we have done socks forever for Christmas. We always do different things like socks in our stockings.
Jen:  Yeah, and these are awesome looking.
Brandon:  Yeah. They're gorgeous. Really colorful.
Jen:  They're not just awesome looking. They're fancy. They're kind of fancy socks.
Brandon:  They're 168 thread-count organic, fair-trade cotton net socks.
Jen:     Right. Those are a dream on your feet.
Brandon: They are as soft on your feet as they are on the environment.
Jen:  Oh, look at you. That's nice.
Brandon:  I like that. How about that? That's good.
Jen:  Well done.
Brandon:  These are gorgeous. Listen, they do a lot of good. Each pair of socks donates a fixed amount for a direct donation to their corresponding partner so you can select your sock by the cause you want to support. They range from some very worthy projects; from protecting the oceans, to fighting hunger, to treating HIV, providing clean water, engaging poverty, education, planting trees, disaster relief, and so you get to chose who you give to when you do this. 
Brandon:  Okay. Conscious step is giving our listeners 15 percent off any products on their site that's good now through January 9th. Little bit further than Christmas, and the end of the year. January 9th 2018. Use the code 4THELOVE. The number four. T-H-E-L-O-V-E at checkout to apply your savings.
Jen:  Yeah. You'll love looking at that picture to see how they're packaged, and how they're sent. That's another one that's really not just amazing to get, but pretty to look at. 
Get 15% off any products from the Conscious Step site using the code 4THELOVE at checkout. Valid through January 9, 2018.


#11. Mayfair Soap Foundry Bath Salts

Jen:  Okay, here's the next one. We love bringing you these. We love bringing you these. This is Mayfair Soap Foundry bath salts. We already mentioned…
Brandon:  Little bath salts.
Jen:  We're bath people. Well okay, really you are.
Brandon:   I am.

​Jen:  Okay. I didn't want to just ... Thank you for just letting me say that. Brandon's a bath guy, and so are my girls, and frankly everybody.
Brandon:  I love a hot bath.
Jen:  You do. You love a hot bath. I get overheated, so I’ve got to have a lukewarm bath, which, why bother? For your bath lovers, these are delicious smelling. Oh my gosh, and absolutely beautiful. Here's what Mayfair does. There's children obviously with chronic illnesses, and they’re gonna be way more likely to be at the doctor all the time, to be at the hospital all the time. A lot of their treatments are scary, or they’re painful, and hospital stays can be lonely, and stressful on the whole family. Kids with chronic illness--those of you listening who have kids with chronic illnesses--you know. It's a real unique stress, and you and your kiddo often just feel really different from other kids because of the way you sort of have to manage an illness. With every single item purchased through Mayfair Soap Foundry, they help provide these moments of joy, and normalcy.
Camp experiences for example, for American families who are going through really difficult health challenges. They do this in partnership with Starlight Children's Foundations, so I love this. I love how they come around, and families who already suffer, who already have had a hard hand dealt to them, and provide them with these really life giving experiences, and opportunities. In their product line we recommend the Sea Lily Jasmine line. It's bath salts, bubble bath, sugar scrub. They're just $8.99 a piece. These are great for stocking stuffers, or small gifts, or you can pair them together for a really, really, really nice set. Someone who loves pampering. Who loves really good tactile, smelling delicious things. Mayfair Soap Foundry bath salts. They look kind of old school, but if you look at them, it sort of reminds you of an old-timey pharmacy. They're gorgeous to smell, beautiful to look at. Anybody would be super happy to get that.
Brandon: They're the look that you would see in a boutique hotel sitting on the counter.
Jen:  That's exactly right.

#12. One World Futbol

Brandon:  All right. Number 12, One World Futbol by Futbol. I do not mean “football,” I mean soccer. F-U-T-B-O-L. One World Futbol.
Jen:  I don't think you say Futbol.
Brandon:  Well, I want to say it, because it's-
Jen: I think it's still “football.”
Brandon:  I think it's Futbol.
Jen:  No I don't. That's not right. That is not how you say it. You need to say football. Okay. All right.
Brandon:  One World Futbol.
Jen:  Okay.
Brandon:  Okay. Here's the deal. Everyone, let's play. This is a great gift. They make soccer balls. It's not just regular soccer balls. These are like ... Here's the deal; we've got four soccer balls in our yard right now, and every one of them is flat.
Jen:  They're just garbage.
Brandon:  This ball will not deflate.
Jen:  That's right.
Brandon:  So it's made with super high quality, dense materials. I think it's solid. It can't go flat, but it feels like it's not. It feels just like a regular soccer ball. They have all the regulation sizes. You can get them in solid colors. Blue, orange, green, pink, youth, and adult sizes. They range from just $39 to $44 dollars. That's a really great price for a soccer ball that's never going to go flat.
Jen:  By the time that we replace our soccer balls times a thousand.
Brandon:  Hundreds of dollars.
Jen:  Yes. Exactly.
Brandon: Here's the thing I love about One World is that with every ball that they purchased with this program they have a buy one give one program. You buy one, and another one is donated to their Play Together initiative, which provides play opportunities to refugee children who have been displaced from war torn regions from all over the globe. I'm telling you Jen, and I have traveled to so many countries. We've been all over the place, and the number one unifying thing of kids, and even adults anywhere that we have seen, is a soccer ball.
Jen:  It's so true.
Brandon:  Or a makeshift soccer ball, or a flat soccer ball, or a ball of tape.
Jen:  Balls of tape. Yes, exactly.
Brandon:  They provide these. It's just so universal. It's a great way to give a unique soccer ball to the soccer fan in your life, or athlete in your life, and here's what they're doing for us. The One World play projects have given For The Love listeners 10 percent off anything on their site when you use the promo code 4thelove. Again that's the number four. T-H-E-L-O-V-E at checkout. Limit one per customer, and it expires January 1st. Another great idea.
Get 10% off anything on the One World Play Project site when you use the code 4THELOVE at checkout. Valid through January 1, 2018.  Limit of one user per customer.


#13. Project7 Treats

Jen:  Okay. Here's another great one. You've probably heard of this company because they're fab. Project 7. Project 7's been around for a little while, and I've been following them, and admiring them for some time. Project 7 treats, specifically. This is a really good stocking stuffer, or a little gift for maybe a neighbor, or a babysitter that doesn't quite cost as much as you might spend on a kid, or on a spouse. Project 7, if you have followed them at all, they use profits from the sales of their products, really to solve everyday problems around the globe. They focus on seven different things. Feeding the hungry, healing the sick, supporting those who hope for peace, housing the homeless, quenching those who thirst, teaching them well, and saving the earth, and basically everything.
Brandon:  Every felt need, they’re holistic ... They've always been…it's always been holistic.
Jen:  Everything that really matters. They have this great line of snacks. It's gum, and gummies, and all these really interesting flavors like kettle popcorn, wedding cake, s'mores, front porch lemonade. Yummy. I want to have that one. I want to try that one. Rainbow ... Moscow Mule you guys. What's going on? On, and on, and on. They're really unique, and really different. We recommend the Girl Scouts Thin Mints gum.
Brandon:  What?
Jen:  I know it. I mean if I had that sooner-
Brandon:  Thin mints gum. Do you store the gum in your freezer?
Jen:  Well the question is; do you eat a whole sleeve like you do the real thin mints?
Brandon:  That's true.
Jen: Where was this when we needed it during Girl Scout season last year?
Brandon:  These come in a tray of 12 packs for just $16.75.
Jen:  Yeah. That's going to scratch that itch for you for a long time.
Brandon:  Holy cow.
Jen:  And then we also like the bags of their Mojito Mambo Gummies for obvious reasons. Because we're not maniacs. Who doesn't want gummies that taste like a Mojito? Little special zip of lime in there, yes. They're just like $5.45 a bag. Just a great, little, interesting, and unique snack gift for folks in your life. All right, what do you have?

#14. One Hope Wine

Brandon:  Here's one that is for the wine drinker in your world, and your life. Hope One, I'm sorry. One Hope's Vineyard. It's in the heart of Napa Valley, which if you know anything about red wine, Napa is always look for that. One Hope is found by a group of eight friends, all in their early 20's. Visionary's. Had this vision of creating exceptional projects, and inspire people to indulge while doing good. They have this amazing commitment. They've been around for less than 10 years, and yet they have given more than two million dollars in donations, and they focus on a couple of things. They're pretty holistic. They provide over 2,600 clinical trials for cancer patients 13,000 forever homes for shelter animals. 1.1 million meals for kids. 33,000 life saving vaccines, and that's just the beginning. 

​They don't just carry wine. They also sell coffee, and other gifts, and there's something for every budget. I would recommend the California Carbernet Sauvignon. It's $19.99. It's blackberry flavored--lots of roasted coffee. Cocoa notes—it’s a great wine that we recommend. 
They have a couple other. They have an Edna Valley Pinot Noir, and a handful of other things that we would love for you to look at. It's a great wine. Great idea. They do a lot of good.

​Jen:  I mean buying wine that gives back. Its like all my dreams come true.
Brandon:  You're going to do it anyways.
Jen:  All my dreams are coming true right now. The one that Brandon recommended a second ago, the California Cab at $19.99 specifically that wine--every single bottle of that sold helps fund ABA, which is applied behavioral analysis therapy for kids with autism. Any of you who have been affected with autism, or have kids on the spectrum anywhere, buy wine, do good.
You’re welcome. This is amazing. One Hope is a fabulous company doing really good work with my favorite thing in the world wine.
Brandon:  Well, I hope you guys see that we're not only trying to have an array of different products, and different price ranges, and things like that, but these are all amazing companies that are doing just significant work for so many different things. One of the questions we're asked all the time is where do you start? If you're wanting to do some good, you're wanting to do something significant, where do you start? The answer in me, is always just do something. Pick something. Something that's close to your heart, and just move forward on it. Here's an opportunity. All of these gifts we've recommended come with such significant work going on all around the world.
Jen:  Totally.
Brandon:  Yeah.
Jen:  For people, for health, for the earth, for animals, for victims. I mean really, every single product we mentioned today basically hits on virtually every need in the world.
Brandon:  For the love.
Jen:  Truly… for the love of Christmas, for the love of your loved ones who you're getting gifts for, for the love of the people that these products serve. For the love of these companies who have decided to use their skill set, and their gifts, and their brands, and their products for the greatest possible good. I'm so proud of them. So proud to promote them, and to talk about their products. I want you to know that I think you're going to love these you guys. Like we said earlier they're not just altruistic. This is not just charity. They're also gorgeous, and well produced, and high quality.
These are gifts to be proud of, and so these are the Hatmaker’s favorite things for the season.
Brandon:  Yay.
Jen:     Yay. Yay, so I know I've said it a hundred times, but just as a reminder, every last bit of this info is over on my website at under the podcast tab. You'll find every single link. Every single coupon code. All the deadlines. Everything you need right there on that page for this gift guide episode, and in addition to all that, because we love to provide for you the best possible content through the For the Love podcast, I've put together a list of 50 other brands. like the 14 Brandon, and I just mentioned. Those are all over on my website, and every one of them gives a portion of their proceeds back to some really worthy cause. In addition to thee 14 you can head over to find 50 others. If we didn't exactly scratch the itch you needed today, because there's so many great companies like this out there be sure to check that out. Thank you for being my co-host today.
Brandon:  Yeah. I enjoyed it. Thanks for having me.
Jen:  Thank you for being a good gift giver. Thank you, for I'm the recipient of your skillset, and I'm not mad about it.
Brandon:  No. I get and I give.
Jen:  Well that's nice, and I'm glad, because sometimes that's what you have to settle for, and I'm sorry. Just make your peace.
Brandon:  You're doing pretty good lately.
Jen:  I'm trying. I'm trying to do better. As we wrap it up here we want to wish you the merriest Christmas from our family.
Brandon:  To yours.
Jen:  To yours, and you our online tribe, our social media tribe, our podcast tribe is just so special to us. Has been for so long, and it's a joy to serve you, and we hope that this Christmas is meaningful for you, and peaceful, and beautiful.
Brandon:  Love you guys. Thankful for you.
Jen:  Absolutely you guys. Thanks for joining us today. Thank you for listening week in, and week out. I hope you love this bonus episode. I am so grateful to our partners for giving my amazing listeners so many discounts, and codes, and coupons. Thank you vendors for your generosity. Guys, happy shopping, this is purchasing that counts, that matters, and so much love from Brandon, and I, so Merry Christmas, everybody. Thanks for joining us. 
Narrator: Thanks for joining us today on the For the Love Podcast. Tune in next week, when we sit down again with Jen and friends to chat about all the things we love.

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Where To Find The Brands We Featured

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Project 7

One Hope Wine

50 More Fair-Trade Brands That
Give Back To Worthy Causes
1. Bought Beautifully
Whether it’s empowering people with dignified employment, rehabilitating those once trapped in slavery, or creating beauty for His Glory, these “love stories” are making tangible impacts around the world.

2. Preemptive Love Coalition
Provides life-saving relief through food, water, and medical care in war-torn regions of Syria and Iraq and delivers job creation programs for ISIS refugees. 

3. Ten Thousand Villages
every inspired design is crafted with love using local materials (usually natural or recycled) and time-honored skills by makers we have known and worked with for years. Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.

4. Compassion Tea Company
100% of all profits go to support the efforts of CompassioNow, a non-profit providing life-saving medical care and education for the least served in Africa. 

5. Noonday Collection
Alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship - Noonday works with artisans from African and Latin American communities to source handmade jewelry and beautiful accessories while creating sustainable opportunities to vulnerable populations

6. Weather & Story
When you shop with Weather and Story, a portion of the money you spend goes toward meeting specific needs we see in our Austin, Texas community.  We invite you to be a part of changing the story for folks here in Austin, and we hope you are inspired to do the same in your own community.  We believe communities thrive when they care to invest and engage in each other’s stories.

7. Imagine Goods
We are Imagine Goods, and we partner with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products that, in many cases, give the first fair wages they've ever received.

8. Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky
Each month 10% of the profits from all orders will be donated to a charity recommended by our customers

9. Trades of Hope
We work with the artisans all over the world. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have HIV/AIDS and leprosy. These women have never had the chances we've had, yet they are like us in so many ways. They love their families and dream of a better life for them.

10. Thistle Farms
TF heals, empowers, and employs women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners

11. Furnace Hills Coffee Co.
Great coffee, locally sourced from great farmers. Furnace Hills employs folks from the developmentally disabled community and a portion of proceeds from their Buddy Walk Blend are funneled straight to the National Down Syndrome Society.

12. Better Life Bags
Our mission is to hire women who have various barriers to employment to make our custom leather and fabric bags.  They are adopted into our Better Life family and given a chance to succeed in life, family, and friendship. 

13. Global Girlfriend
GG work with over 100 women’s artisan organizations in over 30 countries, specializing in sourcing beautiful handmade products that make a life changing difference for the women who make them.

14. 3 Seams
Fighting poverty and human trafficking through affordable fashion - a non-profit that employs vulnerable individuals in Cambodia and Nepal.

15. Women at Risk International
Women At Risk, International unites and educates men and women to create circles of protection and hope around those at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects and partnerships.

16. Raven and Lily
R&L employs at-risk women: formerly trafficked, HIV+, previously homeless, or in oppressive situations and empowers them to earn a living that can support themselves and their families. This, in turn, allows for access to healthcare, education, and a shot at a prosperous life.

17. Krochet Kids, Intl.
KK works with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of Uganda and Peru, providing them with job opportunities and anti-poverty wages to improve their circumstances.

18. I Have a Bean
Specialty-grade coffee roasted fresh the day you order it by post-prison men and women eager to return to the workforce as productive and contributing members of their communities.

19. Her Future Coalition
HFC provides shelter, education, and employment to survivors of human trafficking and extreme abuse so they can remain free - forever.

20. World Crafts
WorldCrafts develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Our vision is to offer an income with dignity and the hope of everlasting life to every person on earth.

21. Able (Formerly Fashionable)
ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. If we are to end generational poverty, society must create jobs for women lacking opportunity.

22. Divine Chocolate
Divine Chocolate is the only 100% fair trade chocolate company co-owned by 85,000 Ghana-based cocoa farmers. Divine supports women's training programs that teach women cocoa farming practices that improve farm quality and cocoa quality as well as the lives and financial stability of the women employed.. 

23. The Giving Keys
Every product you purchase supports job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. To date, The Giving Keys has provided 70+ job opportunities to people transitioning out of homelessness, impacting lives through the power of a Pay It Forward community.

24. Purse & Clutch
Purse & Clutch is a socially conscious handbag brand working to break the cycle of poverty by connecting you to weavers & seamstresses in Guatemala and  leather workers in Ethiopia. Their mission is to help support sustainable, long-term employment for men & women with limited opportunities.

25. Sseko
Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based in Uganda. Through the sale of beautiful handbags, accessories and leather sandals, they create opportunity and community for women globally. Sseko began as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women in Uganda to continue on to university. And it has worked! Every woman who has graduated from Sseko has gone on to pursue higher education and is on her way to making our world a more beautiful place.

26. Sudara Punjammies
Every purchase invests in job creation and skills training for women in India who are at a high risk or survivors of human trafficking.

27. All Good Things Co.
As All Good Things Collective, we exist to funnel as much of our profit as possible back into the kingdom, and we've adopted an "eyes open" attitude in order to do so. We believe God asks us to be responsive to the community around us, available and willing to step in as needed. We ask the Lord daily to keep our "eyes open" to these needs so that we can be obedient in meeting them. As we continue to grow, we continue to expand our giving and investment in various ministries and individuals.

28. Serrv
Serrv partners with 55 small-scale artisan/farmer organizations and cooperatives to bring you unique, handcrafted product collections. They are dedicated to not only sell our partners' products but to develop educational offerings, skill trainings, resources, and more to help grow sustainable businesses.

29. Stop Traffick Fashion
Stop Traffick Fashion provides opportunities and hope for survivors of human trafficking while offering unique clothing and accessories. Survivors who have been rescued from their captors make almost all of our accessories and receive income from STF sales. In addition, a portion of all sales revenue is donated back to our partner organizations that rescue victims and provide rehabilitation and training.

30. Free Set Fabrics
Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade. They make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but their business is freedom!They would like to see the 10,000 sex workers in their neighborhood empowered with the choice of leaving a profession they never chose in the first place.

31. Global Goods Partners
Through the sale of their artisan products, GGP offers its partners small financial grants to purchase new equipment, upgrade their facilities or to improve the lives of the women artisans they work with and their families.

32. Stranded
Stranded is a hair care line of dry shampoos and a portion of all profits are donated to the LSK Foundation. The LSK Foundation exists to bring hope, restore dignity, and ignite faith in girls and women with limb loss by providing beautiful cosmetic coverings for prostheses.

33. Laughing Man Coffee
Actor Hugh Jackman launched Laughing Man Coffee in 2011 to provide a marketplace for farmers in developing countries to sell their goods to consumers in the U.S. As part of his ongoing commitment, Hugh contributes 100% of his profits to the Laughing Man Foundation, which he created to support educational programs, community development and social entrepreneurs around the world.

34. 31 Bits
31 Bits with a simple idea: To give artisans dignified job opportunities by making products that women would buy.

35. ABAN
Education is key to breaking the cycle but in Ghana, education is paid privately by the student’s family, not the state. So when parents cannot pay, which is common, a promising young girl’s basic education stops at the elementary level. This girl then stays home for years with the hope of someday receiving enough support either to go back to school or learn a trade. It is unlikely that she’ll receive that support.ABAN interrupts this circle with tested and proven intervention programs that break the poverty cycle for young women and their children.

36. Falling Whistles 
A sustainable peace requires a growing economy, and sustainable jobs. We are working to make every project profitable within a year. The project can then support itself, and pay back the investment, so we can continue to fund new projects. By proving that small-scale investments in eastern Congo can actually work, we hope to support local entrepreneurs in creating a conflict-free economy.

37. JOYN
JOYN started in a small, sleepy village at the base of the Himalayas, with a mix of beautiful mountain people from India, Nepal, Tibet and beyond. People from many different backgrounds, religions, languages and cultures come together daily to create art, build community and live out their dreams. Our non-profit headquarters, JoyCorps, shares our property here and diligently serves our community with access to medical care, vocational training, childcare, micro-loans, life-skill training, counseling and much more.

38. Kairos10
Kairos 10 is fighting Malaria by selling jewelry created by impoverished African artisans. When you purchase jewelry from Kairos 10 it provides a job opportunity for the beader and and net for a child.

39. Dream Weave
Women in jail and prison need hope.  And job skills. Dream Weave is bringing them a trade and resources to build their dreams. Located in Nashville, TN, they are one of the first nonprofit social  enterprises in a jail or prison. With DreamWeave, incarcerated women are creating en vogue fashion.

40. Timbali Crafts
The Timbali women help to feed more than 2000 orphans and vulnerable children each day at feeding centers in their rural communities. Timbali Crafts seek to reach out to the physical and spiritual needs of these hard-working women, who would otherwise have little or none.

41. Mud Love
Through our partnership with Water for Good, every product you purchase provides one week of clean water to someone in need. The Central African Republic is a country in desperate need of hope, love, and basic necessities. Access to safe, clean water has the power to transform communities and save lives.

42. Better World Books
It's simple: Every time you purchase a book from, we donate a book to someone in need. The books we donate go through hundreds of non-profit organizations - you can see them on our Impact Map. In particular, Books for Africa and Feed the Children partner with us to take large numbers of donated books and get them to people who need them.

43. Rapha House
Every purchase you make is an investment in freedom. At Rapha House, 100% of the money from your purchase goes directly back to helping our programs operate. On top of supporting our girls, the items you purchase are a way for you to raise awareness for Rapha House and the work we are doing to combat child slavery and sexual exploitation.

44. Market Colors
Market Colors is an online store and non-profit organization striving to impact lives across the globe through the sale of ethically sourced items. We work with men and women in areas of Africa and India that are at risk for abuse, trafficking, and extreme poverty. We collaborate to design and create amazing products with purpose that are sold in our online store, and in retail stores domestically and internationally. Our goal is to create sustainable and recurring incomes for the craftsmen we partner with.

45. Beauty for Ashes, Intl.
Beauty for Ashes is a 501(c)3 non profit in the U.S., which provides job skill training, education, and micro business financing to hurting and exploited women around the world. When you purchase our jewelry and other gift items, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty that fuels human trafficking, and making a lasting difference in a woman's life, giving her dignity, and a meaningful way of supporting herself and her family.

46. Simpli Stamped
Simpli Stamped strives to give back with more than just beautiful jewelry and has partnered with charities to donate 50% of the purchase price of specially designed pieces to these charities - Blood:Water, Guitars for Glory, Living Water International, and Love146.

47. Prodigal Pottery
Prodigal Pottery provides a  home and safe haven to over 50 women who are seeking hope and restoration from pasts riddled with abuse and homelessness. Prodigal Pottery's mission is to provide a safe and therapeutic work environment for women in need that develops healthy professional skills, interpersonal relationships and spiritual depth. We transform the lives of at-risk women by providing them with meaningful employment, while equipping our staff with the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed.

48. Renew Project
Re:new Artisans are refugee women who have survived war, persecution, or political conflict and resettled in the United States. They have found new life within our studio walls where they handcraft products made from recycled materials.

49. The Brave Collection
TBC’s goal is to provide job opportunities to talented artisans, exposing them to a global customer and collaborating creatively. Additionally, 10% of our profits are donated to fight human trafficking in Cambodia. We work with partners on the ground to support programming that empowers vulnerable Cambodian girls.

50. Create Hope Cuffs
​Not only do Create Hope Cuffs upcycled, repurposed leather bracelets bring hope to those who wear them, but proceeds also create hope in Swaziland, Africa through Children's HopeChest, an orphan-advocacy organization. Every bracelet helps an orphaned or at-risk child stay in school & dream for a better future.  

Other Valuable Resources
1. Kiva (Microloans)
Fund a loan, get repaid, then fund another. As little as $25 can help entrepreneurs around the world achieve their dreams. Choose the area you want to invest in - women, single parents, health, education, refugees, shelter, agriculture and invest in someone else’s dream.

2. Hiefer International
Make an animal donation to a family from an impoverished area and set them up endless income producing potential.

3. GoodGuide
An app and website that includes a barcode scanner that allows you to instantly look up a product’s score that rates the company and product’s health, environmental and social impact.

4. aVOID
aVOID is a downloadble plugin for your Internet browser to tell you if products are associated with child labor while you shop online. It works with major shops such as Asos, Target and Amazon

5. Slavery Footprint
​Not so much a shopping guide as it is an eye-opening assessment of how the goods and products you’re using right now have supported child labor and slavery practices.  By answering questions such as your age, city and even your diet, this website seeks to calculate how much modern slave labor it takes to redeem your lifestyle. It has been used in more 200 countries, providing results that will probably shock you.

Tips for Making Your Online Dollars Count
1. Pure Charity
This is my favorite platform for giving twice because Pure Charity partners with over 1000 top online retailers and brands that offer a percent back to your personal Giving Fund. It's too easy: you install the Pure Charity plugin, and anytime you are shopping online with a PC partner, the icon pops up, you click on it, and a percentage of your purchase goes straight into your Giving Fund which you distribute through any participating project you choose

2. Amazon Smile 
If you choose to shop through Amazon (Prime is my reason for living), be sure to shop through the AmazonSmile platform! It actually makes no sense not to. Same prices, same products, same account, same Wish List, same everything except AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of your purchase price on eligible products to your favorite charity (over 1 million participating orgs). Just select a charity and shop as usual!