Anne Lamott on Faith, Writing, and Radical Self-Love

In this special bonus episode of the For the Love Podcast, Jen sits down with her literary hero ā€” beloved author and teacher, Anne Lamott, whose candid, humorous writing has inspired millions to embrace their imperfect selves.

Anne and Jen explore the hard-won wisdom distilled across Anne’s 45-year career and 20 books – from finding radical self-love after a lifetime of shame, to surrendering to life’s ordinary miracles during periods of existential crisis. With refreshing irreverence, Anne shares her lessons on unearthing your deepest, truest voice and faith that new paths are waiting, even when the way forward feels hopelessly obscured.

Jen and Anne discuss:

The importance of radical self-love, letting go of shame, and being your own priority before trying to please or gain approval from others
Having faith that there is a “shape” or path waiting for you, even if you can’t see it yet, by surrendering and doing the work of self-examination
The wisdom that comes with age in realizing how little you know
The way small, mundane acts can be profound expressions of love and service to buoy you during dark periods

For anyone who has ever felt cracked by life’s circumstances, Anne’s perspective provides a roadmap back to wholeness.