How Radical Self Acceptance Impacts Our Sex Lives with Brandon Kyle Goodman

As our guest today says, “Everybody is here because somebody had sex.” Today we talk to Brandon Kyle Goodman about coming out from the shadows of your own desire. We’re looking at a new era of sex positivity in pop culture and in our lives. In this episode we explore themes from Brandon’s book: “You Gotta Be You: How to Embrace This Messy Life and Step Into Who You Really Are”.  

Listen as Jen and Brandon discuss:

  • Sex in Culture, The Importance of Diverse Representation
  • Subverting Gender Norms in the Bedroom 
  • Understanding Brandon’s Non-Binary Gender Identity 
  • Exploring your Sexual Identity with Radical Self Acceptance and Love
  • Coming out and the Importance of Chosen Family

It’s a new day for sex in our media, our bedrooms, and in our minds and hearts! This conversation illustrates the unbelievable freedom to be found in honoring your sexual identity. Share a moment with Jen and Brandon as they walk the path towards personal sexual liberation and finding peace within yourself.