[BONUS] A Year Lost and Found: Brittney Griner’s Story of Survival

For this special bonus episode, Jen talks with WNBA star, Brittney Griner, who shares her powerful story of resilience after she was wrongfully detained in Russian prisons for nearly a year. Brittney provides a heartbreaking firsthand account of the inhumane conditions she endured, from the lack of legal rights and translators to cruel psychological tactics by guards. She opens up about the pivotal role her faith played in giving her mental strength to survive.

Brittney also discusses the ongoing trauma she has faced since returning home, and the renewed sense of motivation to use her voice and platform to advocate for other detainees abroad still seeking freedom. 

Jen and Brittney discuss:

  • Griner’s harrowing account of being imprisoned in Russia and how she’s fighting to get more US prisoners home
  • The pivotal role her faith and reading the Bible played in giving her strength to survive mentally and emotionally.
  • Her candid discussion of the ongoing trauma she’s working through since returning to the U.S.
  • Her optimism about the WNBA’s rising popularity to force meaningful change in addressing the glaring pay gap with men’s basketball.