Celeste Barber on the Beauty of Being Totally Unfiltered

We’ve got someone on the show this week who makes it her business to show us exactly how wonderful we as women are–just as we are! She is the queen of keeping it real, a hilariously honest actress, standup comedian, and the Instagram star who has become our go-to for a belly laugh when the world’s expectations just seem a tad too polished–it’s Celeste Barber!

If you haven’t seen Celeste on her Instagram account, get on over there and join the nearly 10 million people who are clamoring for her content each week (and if you have any doubt, she won the “Funniest Lady on Instagram Award” back in 2017). She’s also a successful standup comedian who sold out three seasons of her “Challenge Accepted” Tour in the US, and has a Netflix Special (“Fine, Thanks”) and a dramatic comedy series that we just love called “Wellmania.”  

Jen and Celeste get into it about: 

  • The riotous juggle Celeste manages by shining a light on the quirks of the beauty industry, all while paving her own extraordinary path. 
  • Celeste opens up about the nuanced battles of being valued for her sharp mind and quicker wit in a scene often unforgiving to women.
  • Celeste and Jen share about the beautiful chaos of balancing a career with being a superhero mom (or at least trying to be). 

This episode is more than just laughs (though, swear, you’ll have plenty); it’s a pat on the back for every one of us out here, doing the thing, being utterly magnificent in our complexity. Here’s to celebrating the splendid and wonderful you!