Food Fight! Jen’s Mom and Sibs Reveal the Family Food Secrets

As we wrap up our food series and celebrate of the release of Jen’s very first cookbook, we have another first right here in this Feeding These People Food series: Jen’s mom, her brother, and one of her sisters give us all the dish on the history of food in the King family in their very first appearance together on For the Love, for the last episode of this series! Jana, Drew, Cortney, and Jen weigh in on the good, bad and ugly of their family meals growing up, their favorite around the table memories, and the foods that, well, just failed. From Hamburger Helper, to Veg-all, to Drew’s penchant for boiling cokes he would pinch from the garage in the Louisiana heat, it’s a wonder any of us that grew up in the 80’s survived. You’ll be riveted by their spirited discussion about ranch dressing, the time when Jen’s dad decided to eat healthier and Jana started cooking everything with oat bran, and the highly debated pot pie incident–plus a few other family controversies over what really happened in the King kitchen. Stick around to the end when we hear each siblings’ recollection of their favorite meals and their assessment of how they are doing these days feeding their own families. 

Jen’s Favorite Things – The 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—gift guide time! We’re going to go ahead and give 2020 the No, Thank You Award, but we can still try to make the holidays merry and bright. And to help you do that, we bring you the 4th installment of Jen’s Favorite Things! Every year, we shine a spotlight on brands we love that also give back, so we do the most good with the dollars we’re already going to spend (and PS: so many of these companies are women-owned!). So grab a cup of cocoa while Jen and her sisters, Lindsay and Cortney, share 12 incredible companies with amazing products—everything from coffee and candles to comfy robes and socks and Jen’s signature feather earrings. Plus, each brand has a special offer just for you, so you can stock up on great gifts and also *save some cash.* Look alive, campers, it’s time to do some Christmas shopping!