Getting Cliterate! Closing the Orgasm Gap Toward Female Sexual Fulfillment with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Every person is sexy just because they’re alive, according to this week’s guest in our For the Love of Sex Series; Dr. Alexandra Solomon. Jen & Dr. Solomon talk about how we can discover how to engage with our sexuality free from judgment or expectation. 

Dr. Alexandra Solomon is the author of bestselling books, “Loving Bravely” and “Taking Sexy Back” which both seek to empower women to reclaim their sexual journeys. As a highly acclaimed psychologist at Northwestern University, Dr. Solomon regularly presents her findings to people all over the world. 

Join Dr. Solomon and Jen as they discuss:

  • Talking about sex with your partner 
  • How to stop settling for less in the bedroom 
  • Objectively reflecting on your sexual journey without judgment
  • The real impact of trauma on our sexual selves
  • How desire shifts over the course of a relationship 

Dr. Solomon explains the basic premise that undergirds her work; that every person has the right and ability to experience pleasure and joy and connection through sex.