Women and Emotions – No More Apologies: Dr. Anita Phillips

Have you ever been told you are “too emotional,” or if you display sadness or anger that you’re “overreacting,” or (gasp) – even “hysterical?” Women have long had their emotions weaponized against them. And as part of our For the Love of Therapy series, we have a trauma therapist and mental health expert Dr. Anita Phillips at the mic to share her thoughts and findings on why embracing our emotions can be the key to living our most powerful life. Dr. Phillips extensively explores the societal pressures that often lead women to suppress their emotions. She argues that emotions are not a sign of weakness, but a source of strength, and should be embraced rather than hidden. Women’s emotions are a reflection of their experiences and individuality, and they deserve to be expressed freely and without apology. She believes that if we can shift our perspective around emotions, we can achieve a healthier mental state and improved relationships, fostering a culture that values emotional authenticity and rejects unnecessary emotional censorship. 

Jen and Dr. Anita discuss:

  • The agency we have over our emotions and we won’t flourish unless we stop and listen to what our bodies and our feelings are telling us 
  • That our emotions are not “red flags” they are clues that guide us to the best and healthiest way forward
  • We shouldn’t see emotions as our enemy, and that internal war over them is not our destiny–we are created to flourish
  • Principles from Dr. Anita’s book, The Garden Within