Sex and Consent with Film & TV Intimacy Coordinator Jessica Steinrock

As part of our For the Love of Sex series, we are talking to a Hollywood intimacy coordinator about the nitty gritty of consent, the emerging role of intimacy coordinators in Hollywood, and the future of creating consent culture on film and TV sets. There are ripple effects into the wider culture at large that happen when we prioritize safety and consent.

A viral content creator on TikTok and CEO of her own company, Jessica Steinrock is helping change the way we understand consent on TV & film sets. Our favorite quote of hers is ‘’‘Yes’ means nothing unless ‘No’ is an option.”  

 In this episode, Jessica and Jen discuss:

  • The historical context of consent in film and TV 
  • How intimacy coordinators cultivate consent
  • Jessica’s definition of consent
  • The power of pairing media literacy and sex education 

With her own company, Jessica is providing a framework for how we can experience consent in a variety of workplaces and helping change the way an entire industry approaches consent.