The Power Within YOU with Latham Thomas

Continuing in our For the Love of You series we are taking a look at all the ways that we care for ourselves. And this isn’t just about spa days, pedicures, and me-time (although, we are fans of those things too). We’re doing a deep dive into some soul-care, in addition to more conventional looks at mind care and body care. And this week’s episode addresses a really specific season of self-care for women as they journey into motherhood. Whether it’s your first or 5th time going through pregnancy, you know (or will find out) it is quite the time for our brains and our bodies. A swirl of hormones, and a resetting of priorities, in addition to the physical and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth. Whether you’ve experienced pregnancy or not, we’ll all benefit from leaning  into this beautiful well of wisdom that we have through Latham Thomas, as she guides us through to finding the power we have within to heal and thrive. Latham is the the founder of Mama Glow, a birth doula, and entrepreneur focused on bridging the gap between optimal wellness and spiritual growth. Her message to future moms and women is this: your power already lives inside of you, and it’s your job to unleash it into the world.