Unraveling the Grip of Shame on our Sex Lives with Matthias Roberts

Welcome to our first episode in our For the Love of Sex series! We’re excited to break open this topic and find ways to cultivate what sexual health means for each of us and lay down toxic perspectives surrounding sex in our lives. Today we’re talking about sexual shame and how that can show inside and outside the bedroom. Matthias Roberts is a psychotherapist, author and podcaster. He wrote a book on sexual shame called “Beyond Shame: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Your Own Terms” and is committed to helping people find freedom feeling shame around sex.

Jen and Matthias discuss:

  • A working definition of what sexual shame is
  • How Matthias’s perspective on sex shifted after coming out in a Christian fundamentalist home
  • Questions to ask ourselves to develop our own sexual ethic
  • How sexual shame can affect every area of our life
  • Ways to stay curious and let go of shame about sex
  • Matthias’s queer theological perspective on sex

The ways shame can seep into our lives is surprising. Join Jen and Matthias as they unpack, with a compassionate lens, how to stay curious and work toward kicking the shame-filled parts of our sex life to the curb.