Me Course is an e-course series that’s for YOU, sister, so you can show up better for yourself, your family, and everyone else.

Our mission here is simple: This is inspirational, educational AND actionable content as I like to say “For The Rest Of Us.” We’ll be covering categories where I’ve seen the most life change in myself and in others.


Friendship is an incredible gift in life. It is so important, it’s literally vital to our health and wellbeing. If you’re having trouble finding or maintaining your friendships, or if your connections have evolved, this course will guide you in finding and nurturing your friendships.

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Sex Ed 101
For many of us, sex education looked like a cringe-y, unhelpful video in the 5th or 6th grade; a book handed to you from a parent followed by an awkward…
Parenting LGBTQIA+ Tweens & Teens
This very special and very important course is a roadmap for all the moms and dads and parents and guardians of LGBTQIA+ tweens and teens. It’s also for those reexamining…
Asking questions and going through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction in your faith journey is not something to be seen with shame or negativity. In fact, it is the…


  • Four to five sessions, about 15-20 minutes each. Yes, that’s it. But, also yes, that’s ENOUGH. You’ll see.
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“I am putting into your hands everything I’ve experienced, learned, and practiced in the categories we care about most. I know you don’t have time for jibber-jabber. These are condensed, packed, and practical — no fluff.”



Friendships are a type of relationship that we often don’t talk enough about in our lives. Just like romantic relationships, platonic friendships require work. We can’t phone them in. That’s why I wanted to put together a Me Course for this and bring in an expert who literally wrote a book on friendship: Dr. Marisa Franco.

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Sex Ed 101

This course will take you on an incredible journey to make sex better and TRANSFORM your sex life for the more pleasurable — whether you’re single or partnered. Together with sex educator Dr. Celeste Holbrook, we will walk through essential questions and learnings on how to improve, awaken, and understand our sex lives.

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Suffering & Recovery Course

If you’re in a season of pain, recovery, and/or healing — or someone you know is — this is your course. My personal therapist Carissa Woodwyk is here to take you by the hand and wisely, gently, and tough-lovingly guide you back out of the tunnel and into the light.

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Cooking Course

This course is your instructional Culinary 101 boot camp that serves up practical cooking and entertaining tips, meal planning, essential skills, flavor hacks, and tons of recipes that will have you enjoying your time in the kitchen rather than defaulting to drive-thru and delivery. Chef-author Bri McKoy is in my kitchen with me!

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Content Course

For this course, we’re harnessing your content creation dreams with brand consultant Kevin Jennings. You’ll learn how to build, maximize, and monetize your unique gifts in whatever lane you’re inspired by — from writing to designing, podcasting to coaching, and more.

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Faith Course

This course walks through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction and teaches us that it’s not something to be seen with shame or negativity, but rather the exact opposite. Author and Evolving Faith founder Sarah Bessey guides us through the trenches and shows us that it’s possible to live out your faith in new ways.

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Parenting Course

For all parents of tweens and teens, this course teaches you how to establish successful communication, what to do about codependency, and how to build healthy connections. We also learn how to shame-proof your parenting with Mercedes Samudio, LCSW.

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Simplicity Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to clear out the head trash — and why it’s so important. Myquillyn Smith a.k.a. The Nester is a cozy minimalist who will teach you how to make the most amount of style with the least amount of stuff. Then, Emily P Freeman — the soul minimalist — will help clear out the mental and emotional loads that we carry around that clutter our thoughts, actions, and wellbeing.

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Finance Course

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to saving, spending, and investing, this course makes the financial complexities of life make sense. I’m joined by financial expert, Lindsey K. Leaverton, Director of Wealth Management Services at The Miura Group, to unpack how to make your money work for you — now and in the future.

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Wellness Course

If you’re feeling stuck in a series of not-so-good routines, this course reveals how to cultivate better practices that promote physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness. Writer, therapist, and wellness coach Minaa B. also joins me to guide you toward building habits that are right for you.

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