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Parenting For the Rest of Us: Teens & Tweens

Parenting teens is relaxing.

Actually, parenting is more like an extreme sport. This is a categorical fact backed up by a million years of evidence. Parenting pre-teens and teens is its own special form of decathlon — it’s only natural we’re going to run out of steam and stumble sometimes.

But don’t worry, help is here! You are going to love this course on parenting.


For this Me Course, we’re focusing on parenting tweens and teens — and the BIG zones around this particular phase. We’re also going to drill down into how to remove shame from parenting with Shame-Proof Parenting expert extraordinaire Mercedes Samudio, LCSW.

We’ll dive into:

  • Cultivating meaningful connection with your children
  • Navigating codependency in parenting
  • Empowering healthy communication
  • How to parent without shame

I also tell you a lot of my personal stories of my successes and my failures as a parent.

We’ve also packed this Me Course to the brim with so many resources for you to help you parent your kids in the healthiest, most connected, non-shaming way.

“Shame is so insidious because it communicates that we are ‘bad’ and unworthy of love and belonging — not that we just made a bad decision. And the same impact goes for our kids.”

If you have questions about parenting your growing kiddos, this is your course.


  • Four video sessions, about 15 minutes each, focusing on cultivating meaningful connections with your children, navigating codependency in parenting, empowering healthy communication, and tips on how to parent without shame
  • Two bonus videos on “Shame Proof Parenting” in sexuality and mental health
  • One-line conversation starters and family meeting template
  • Support for sex talks
  • Worksheets and checklists to support your parenting journey
  • Book recs
  • And more practical and actionable resources!


  • You feel like a bad person when you provide meaningful correction and/or feedback to your teen.
  • You get stuck in a cycle of shame when your teen gets in trouble.
  • You find yourself lonely and disconnected when trying to connect with your kids.
  • You desire to create boundaries with your kids, but don’t know how.
  • You feel crippled by wanting your teen to like you.
  • You are a single-parent and need solidarity.
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