Sex Ed For the Rest of Us

We have roadmaps for navigating so many categories of health and wellness. But our own sexuality? Not so much.

It is often pushed to the back. Like the way, way back. And that trend started long time ago — with Sex Ed 101.


For many of us, sex education looked like a cringe-y, unhelpful video in the 5th or 6th grade; a book handed to you from a parent followed by an awkward — or even non-existent — conversation; or maybe even nothing at all.

So bravo to you for showing up.

I am excited to bring you this course on a subject I know we’re ALL interested in: sex. My friend, Celeste Holbrook, is a sex educator who helps people create better sex by diffusing this sensitive topic through straightforward language and a knack for making the awkward approachable. We will walk through essential questions and learnings on how to improve, awaken, and understand our sex lives.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the four steps to improving sex.
  2. Describe the sexual narratives you were given growing up and how they affect your sex life in adulthood.
  3. Define three novel sexual experiences you might like to try.
  4. Understand three ways to create satisfying long-term sexual experiences.

This course will take you on an incredible journey to make sex better and TRANSFORM your sex life for the more pleasurable — whether you are single or partnered. 

“Sex is a category of our lives that can feel daunting, uncharted, embarrassing, scary, even shameful — like something we ‘should’ know or ‘shouldn’t’ be focused on. But there will be none of the should-ing or should-not-ing here.”

Understand + awaken sex and pleasure.


  • Six on-demand videos (about 15 minutes each) that cover:
    • Actionable steps for improving sex for YOU.
    • The sexual narratives you were given growing up and how they affect your sex life in adulthood — including faith narratives.
    • How to define novel sexual experiences (Celeste calls it the erotic sandbox!) you might like to try.
    • Understanding ways to create satisfying long-term sexual experiences.
  • A complete digital resource kit to accompany the course with notes, journal questions, worksheets, and more
  • Celeste’s “lusty” playlist
  • Book recommendations
  • A list of sex educators for continued learning from a trauma-informed, affirming, and diverse perspective
  • And more!


  • You have no idea how to feel about sex anymore.
  • Purity culture is a part of your story and left a mark. 
  • You’ve experienced some trauma that has affected your perception or experience of sex.
  • You’re partnered with or have been partnered with someone whose sex drive doesn’t match your own.
  • You feel like you lost yourself along the way by adhering to perceived expectations, learned behaviors, and self-judgment.
  • You feel shame around sex.
  • You feel bored or unfulfilled in the bedroom.
  • You want to keep the fire alive even with “life” happening around you. 
  • You’ve been with your partner for many years and want to reawaken your sex life.
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