Wellness For the Rest of Us

Good habits, bad habits. We all have them — for better or worse.

Sometimes habits can also be sneaky because we’re on autopilot, but they impact us immensely. They are a center-spoke for our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness.

Some habits are more or less universally good or bad, but there is also a lot of individuality when it comes to habits. In this course, we’ll unpack how to hack your habits and your wellness for the better.


For this Me Course, I’ve invited my friend, Minaa B., to talk about building habits that are right for you — ones that promote wellness.

We’ll learn how to cultivate self-care and self-advocacy through the lens of boundaries and community. And we’ll dive into:

  • The importance of setting boundaries — and why they’re attached to our self-worth.
  • External habits for wellness, including my personal practices.
  • Internal habits for wellness, including my personal practices.
  • Making healthy habits stick.
  • How to hack your willpower.
  • Plus, words of affirmations, cultivating breath and meditation work, how to feel strong in your body, and more!

“You have your body to thank for every good thing you have ever experienced. She has been so good to you. And to others.”

If you are feeling kind of stuck in some of the routine ways you are living… this is your Me Course.


  • Four video sessions, about 15 minutes each, about cultivating wellness
  • Digital resources for establishing healthy habits and boundaries
  • Wellness worksheets
  • Breath + meditation tutorial
  • Book recommendations


  • You struggle to say no.
  • You’re emotionally exhausted.
  • You want to create a healthy routine.
  • You want healthier relationships.
  • You crave more “me time.”
  • You don’t know how to set healthy boundaries.
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