Series 27: For the Love of the Enneagram

Are there days you wish you could take a peek inside your spouse’s brain? Maybe you want to understand your kids a little more, or your mom, or your boss. Heck, maybe you want to just understand your own brain and why you feel the way you do, and you’ve run out of Buzzfeed quizzes to help you interpret the world via your favorite sandwich toppings.

You guys, there is a better way—it’s called The Enneagram. Whether you’re an Enneagram expert or wondering what the heck it is, you’ll want to come with us on this 10-episode series to dive deep into all nine personality types and the motivations behind the decisions they make. For literal centuries, the Enneagram has helped countless people revolutionize their relationships and unlock a new level of knowing themselves a bit deeper, and we hope it helps you too.

Enneagram Twos – Phileena Heuertz on The Helpers

May 26, 2020

Our next installment of For the Love of The Enneagram brings us to wonderful Enneagram Twos (aka The Helpers!). And leading our discussion is Phileena Heuertz, a spiritual director and Enneagram expert who, as a Two herself, knows how it feels to love others and want to help them as much as she can, while at the same time longing to feel accepted for who she is, not necessarily what she does for others. Years ago, after Phileena began to study the Enneagram a bit more and felt deeply seen by it, she began to ask herself some deep, probing questions about her Twoness: What is my motivation for serving others? Am I doing it to fulfill my need to be loved? If I stop serving you, will you still love me?…

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Enneagram Ones – The Reformers with Father Richard Rohr

May 19, 2020

Last week, we launched our brand-new Enneagram series, and today we begin our deep-dive into each of the nine numbers. We’re starting right at the top with Enneagram Ones—and who’s better to talk about Ones than with For the Love favorite, Fr. Richard Rohr? While we’ve been obsessed with the Enneagram for only a few years, Fr. Richard has been studying it for decades, and he has keen insight into the personality assessment. As a One himself, Fr. Richard opens the door into what it’s like to live inside the head of a One, and how even from an early age, Ones work so hard to be dependable, solutions-driven people. After years of trying to solve the world’s problems, Fr. Richard found freedom when he realized he couldn’t—and that was okay (plus,…

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What is The Enneagram? Suzanne Stabile Gives Us a Primer

May 12, 2020

Good people of the internet and faithful For the Love listeners—you’ve asked, we’ve listened, and we are *thrilled* to invite you to our brand-new series on one of our favorite topics: The Enneagram personality assessment! Whether you’re a seasoned Ennea-thusiast or a complete newbie, you’re going to want to plug into this deep dive with Enneagram expert (and a Type 2 herself), Suzanne Stabile! Suzanne and Jen walk through the ins and outs of each of the nine Enneagram numbers, while Suzanne gives piercingly accurate insight on the motivations behind each personality type. Plus, Suzanne shares how we can learn to use the Enneagram as the ultimate empathy tool, as it helps us listen to and treat others in the way that they need, not in the way that we need. Suzanne…

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