Series 35: For the Love of Transitions

Transitions in life are never-ending. We are constantly growing, evolving, learning, and taking lessons from the past into the present. Sometimes it’s a hard truth to face—especially when we don’t see it coming—change can be good. Of course, it’s easier when we’re in charge of the transitions; like quitting that job you never liked, or starting a new self-care regimen, or turning a hobby into a passion. But when change is forced upon us—like tragedy, divorce, or other life-altering events—we can be left wondering if we’ll ever find our way again. Planned or unplanned, this series is here to help us embrace all the transitions in our lives. Each of our guests have been through those kinds of changes and share how they got through it, and some of them even lend their expertise in helping people choose—or simply cope—with change. We might not love a shake-up in our lives, but perhaps by embracing and accepting that there can be good in transitions—we can all learn how to use those seasons of life to become wiser, more compassionate, and grow into who we’re meant to be.


Following Your Heart for Meaningful Change with Jennifer Garner

July 27, 2021

We’re back with more of the For the Love of Transitions series which is showing us the many ways we can move through life after a huge shift has occurred—whether it was chosen or thrust upon us. We have learned what it’s like to live through tragedy, we have seen what steps we must take to create a system of equity, and this week, we are talking through what it’s like to choose a transition from the world of acting to the world of activism. Jennifer Garner–you know her, you love her–she’s here telling us how she navigates life as a mom, an entrepreneur, and an actress–and the deliberate transitions she’s made to help make her world and others’ a better place. So many of us have followed Jen’s career through TV…

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Owning and Knowing Your Finances with the “Budgetnista”— Tiffany Aliche

July 20, 2021

As we continue in our For the Love of Transitions series, we’re tackling one of the most stressful transitions to face in life–a change to our financial situation. Perhaps a job change/loss reduced your income unexpectedly, or maybe a medical situation came out of the blue and drained your bank account, or maybe you went through a divorce and are down one income, and/or never had to be in charge of your own finances as an adult. Tiffany Aliche, aka, The Budgetnista has some thoughts for you, the most important one being; you can Get Good with Money (also the name of her New York Times bestselling book). Even though Tiffany grew up with a dad who was a CFO/accountant who educated her about finances, she experienced her own financial struggles and…

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Understanding a Transgender Person with Stephanie Byers

July 13, 2021

When it comes to making a big transition in life, we are often held back by fear. Fear of judgment, fear of backlash, fear of losing those close to us. But, oftentimes, it takes a big transition to lead us toward a more fully authentic life. For some of us, on the surface, it’s easier to “be who we are” authentically—especially if we identify as straight cis-gender individuals. But for our friends in the trans community, taking the step to become who they really are has traditionally been fraught with roadblocks. For those who haven’t experienced this wall between us and our true selves, there can be a limited understanding of what a transgender person experiences and what defines them—and surprise—it’s different for each and every one. So this week, we’ve got…

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Learning to Love The Image in the Mirror with Jess Connolly

July 6, 2021

In our For the Love of Transitions series, we’ve been looking at and evaluating the chosen and unchosen changes so many of us experience in the various seasons of our lives. In the category of chosen changes, we have found that so many women would welcome one in their lives, and it’s to develop a positive view of our bodies. Think back to the first time you had negative perceptions of your body. Were you 13 and getting ready for the homecoming dance? Maybe you were younger—9 years old at a pool party and realizing that your body looked different from your friends—and different then didn’t seem good or unique—different always equaled bad. Pile on top of those early perceptions the barrage of images presented to us by the beauty industry who…

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Everything Great is Birthed from Discomfort with Emmanuel Acho

June 29, 2021

When it comes to changing unhealthy dialogues and digging up errant roots that have been allowed to grow deep—many of us tend to ignore the discomfort and carry on with our days. However, when we live in denial, inequity and ignorance cannot be challenged, and greatness will not be achieved. During our For the Love of Transitions series, we’re learning how to embrace change. We’re sharing the stories of people who have lived through or implemented drastic changes in their lives and came out on the other side stronger and better than before. Some transitions are extremely broad in their scope and may seem nearly impossible—and one issue that’s come to the top of our agendas over the last year is; how do our communities and our country get to a place…

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Releasing The Fantasy of “The Good Girl” with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

June 22, 2021

We continue with the “For the Love of Transitions” series and it’s giving us so many new perspectives on pushing back against what we’ve always known and finding new ways to grow and evolve into the person we have always wanted to be. This week’s episode really hits us where we live as we pursue to live a life that is “free”; free from pain, free from hurt, and free from bending to the will and opinion of others. Do you think you are living freely? In your soul, choices, and relationships? Do your actions embody the hopes and dreams you have for yourself? Or, are you acting under an assumed role? One that has always told us we need to be “the good girl;” one that is passive, servile and in…

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The Shifting Role of Religion vs. Faith with Diana Butler Bass

June 15, 2021

Continuing in our “For the Love of Transitions” series, we look at crossroads many of us are facing in regards to our view of faith and religion. More than ever before, people in our country are choosing not to identify with a specific religion, including a large segment of Millennials who say they’ve “never attended church.” But amidst these shifts, there are many who hold tight to their faith, but haven’t found the stability of years past in the institutions they used to invest in for themselves and their families. What are the reasons for this shift? It’s a complex topic and sometimes charged to discuss, and we’ve got independent scholar and author, Diana Butler Bass to help us walk through it. Diana’s newest book, Freeing Jesus, invites readers to rediscover Jesus…

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Rebuilding Your Life Out of the Rubble with Amy Downs

June 8, 2021

This week we are kicking off a brand new series here on the For the Love Podcast. There are so many times in each of our lives where a curveball just knocks us on our backs. The unexpected transition from what you thought was going to happen to your new reality is often hard to grapple with. But sometimes, we choose to make a major life change. So we’ll talk through all the ways we can embrace a transition. We’ll seek guidance from people who have made those transitions, learned from the struggle, and benefited from going through the process.  Amy Downs epitomizes what it means to be thrown unwittingly into a situation that could have had a profoundly negative affect on her life, only to come out leading the charge for…

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