Series 38: For the Love of You

It’s time for us all to focus on ourselves. We are constantly caring for others, caring for our jobs, caring for everyone and everything but ourselves. So, when the time comes and we are rundown and overwhelmed, what steps can we take to truly care for us? That’s what this series is all about. We are talking to the best of the self-care best and diving into all the unique ways we can care for and honor our bodies. From self-love to food to addressing trauma, we are not holding anything back. In this series, For the Love of YOU, we want you to step back, reflect, and take the much-needed time to refresh, renew, and step into who you are truly meant to be.


Your Body is YOU with Dr. Hillary McBride

October 19, 2021

This series, For the Love of You, is allowing us to open a door to ourselves, encouraging us to show ourselves kindness and truly embrace how we can care for ourselves In a world that has told us, specifically women, that we should put ourselves last. And when it comes to our bodies, we’ve had a host of misinformation that tells us that our bodies are to be restricted and that we should disconnect from what our bodies need, because our needs will be at cross purposes with what our culture wants. Dr. Hillary McBride is here to debunk all that mess and wants us to lovingly reunite with our bodies because our bodies are not just a hindrance that gets in the way of us being loved. She emphasizes the integral…

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YOU and Food with Danielle Walker

October 12, 2021

Hey listener—we’re glad you’re here. Because you listen to this show, we’re gonna take a guess that this podcast might be a little respite for you from the busy-ness of life. A place to find community and shared experiences. Some much needed YOU time. So, because we care about you, we at For the Love want to promote that time and take it to the next level with some ideas and thoughts about how to take better care of YOU (and not just with the time you steal away while driving or cleaning while listening to this show). So to get you started on some much needed ways to take care of you, we’re proud to be kicking off a brand new series, For the Love of YOU. And the first thing…

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