Series 39: For the Love of Comfort and Joy

Welcome to the 2021 holiday season! As we come to the end of the year, we wanted to offer you two things that are vital to our peace this season: comfort and joy. That’s why we are thrilled to bring you For the Love of Comfort and Joy. This series has it all. From learning how to serve and host others so they feel loved, to finding the hilarity in the Hallmark moments of life, we want to give you something to hold onto during the chaotic season of holiday parties, family arguments about politics and last minute shopping. Some guests will make you laugh until you cry, while others will just make you cry. It’s a mixed bag of goodies, just like the presents under the tree—and we can’t imagine a better way to close out the year. So grab your peppermint mocha and pop on your Santa hat as we enter into the most wonderful time of year!


Jen Speaks to Finding Life through a Year of Grief, Sorrow, and Unrelenting Joy

December 28, 2021

Well, community, 2021 is about to close the curtain. So many of us had the highest of hopes after 2020. And for some, this year gave them exactly what they needed. For others, it was a year of sorrow and grief and hard days. But, here’s the thing, we all made it. We made it through the hard days and the tears and ups and downs. We lived. We learned. We grew closer to who we are meant to be in this life. And isn’t that something to celebrate? Join us this week as Jen divulges all that 2021 had in store for her. From guiding her kids through life after divorce, to rediscovering who she is and what dreams she has for herself. And here’s the thing. It wasn’t perfect, no…

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Goodness Triumphs Through Good People: A Year-End Benediction from Bishop Michael Curry

December 21, 2021

2021 is winding down. For some of us it flew by, for others it was the longest year of our lives. We might have experienced pure love, we might have learned new things and explored new places, and perhaps we grew closer to becoming the people we are meant to be. But some of us grieved. We lost loved ones, and dreams we once had. We dealt with suffering and sadness. But you know what we all did together? We made it. We lived. We found life and joy and hope and sadness and love. And in that, we have the power to spread that hope of “making it” to others who are walking alongside us in similarly complex journeys.  As we link hands to face another year, we asked a close…

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Holiday Hilarity with Deck the Hallmark

December 14, 2021

During the busyness of the holiday season, when does one find time for comfort and joy? Between planning all the parties, baking all the cookies, and wrapping all the gifts, has it been a minute since you’ve been able to enjoy the festivity of the season? Well, if you’re like us over here at For the Love, you might have to find the time to squeeze in a quick injection of the holiday spirit by sitting down for a Hallmark Holiday movie! In 90 tight minutes, you can cry over the heartwarming story of a firefighter and a vet who find nine kittens and try to find them homes for Christmas (and also find love in the process). Or maybe you need something a little more kooky like two wacky sisters who…

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[BONUS] Vanessa Lachey’s “Life from Scratch”

December 10, 2021

It is the season of giving, friends, and what better gift could you get from us than a super special bonus episode of your favorite show? This cozy holiday bonus episode features TV host, model and actress, Vanessa Lachey! Vanessa just brought her first book to the world;  Life From Scratch: Family Traditions That Start With You, and it’s chock full of fun and practical tips that we’re talking about on the show to make each season and the moments in them special and memorable. Jen and Vanessa discuss why it’s important (and fun!) to create and carry on traditions each year, why those traditions help strengthen our connections to the people we love, and how to give your girlfriends gifts they actually want.

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Singing in the Holidays with Trisha Yearwood

December 7, 2021

Jingle those sleigh bells and break out the eggnog–Trisha Yearwood has arrived at the For the Love Podcast for our Comfort and Joy series!! If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know that Jen Hatmaker is Trisha’s #1 fan. Women ruled the day for country music in the 90’s, and Trisha was among the queens. If you were coming of age in that era like Jen did (and even if you didn’t) it was hard to miss the great ladies of 90’s country (Shania, Martina, Wynonna, and more.) who exemplified the important seasons of our lives (falling in love, raising kids, finding our voices) and sang songs that were anthems of that decade. Trisha’s music lives on, and she has been bringing another facet of herself to the world…

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Stress Free Holiday Hosting with Abby Turner

November 30, 2021

Happy Holidays, friends! Welcome to the most magical time of year. It’s filled with fairy lights and Christmas cookies and good food and friends. It’s the epitome of comfort and joy—and that’s why we are thrilled to be kicking off our 2021 holiday series, For the Love of Comfort & Joy with you today. We have it all in this series, from cookbooks to Hallmark movies. We’re kicking it all off this week with conversation with a self taught expert in hosting and learning how to serve others well with Abby Turner. Abby wrote The Living Table where she offers readers and home cooks simple recipes that allow for more time spent with their people. And isn’t that what we are all looking for during the busy holiday season? Jen and Abby…

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