Series 43: For the Love of Conversations

Sitting down for a good conversation with a friend is one of life’s greatest gifts. We dig through the chaos of the world while uncovering what it means to be connected to another. We love bringing you the regular conversations we have weekly with a host of different guests, but every once in a while, a conversation needs to happen over a span of time—not just in one sitting. So, to that end, we bring you For the Love of Conversations! This series will pop up from time to time and each round will bring you a brand new guest and friend of Jen. For the next four weeks we’re talking with Jen’s pal, podcaster and author Kelly Corrigan. Jen and Kelly will dive deep into what it means to be human–from dissecting the way change flips things upside down to understanding how we grow simply by loving the people around us—so pull up a chair and join the conversation with Jen and Kelly.


For the Love of Conversations: Jen and Kelly on Hard and Beautiful Change

June 21, 2022

You know there really isn’t much that’s more comforting than sitting down with one of your friends and talking openly because you know they just get you. They have seen you grow and change and evolve and become who you are today–and they don’t try to stand in the way of that change however hard it may be for them, or for you. These conversations with friends are life giving.  And with that in mind, we thought it might be fun to have a series of conversations here in our podcast community with our best and brightest friends and dispensers of wisdom and humor. And our first conversation partner for this 4-part series is none other than one of our favorite humans herself–author, podcaster and speaker Kelly Corrigan. This first installment of…

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