Series 46: For the Love of Feeding Your People

Here on For the Love, there’s pretty much nothing we love to discuss more than what we put in our bellies. We LOVE it ALL–whether we take on a fancy recipe with the flair of a Julia Child or an Ina Garten, to a clean-out-your-fridge-and-throw-it-all-in-a-pan affair. Who hasn’t binged the Food Network just to have the zen of seeing someone create something so delicious we can almost smell it from the screen to our living room? We hope to recreate that here with this series about the joys of feeding your people. And in a happy coincidence, our venerable host will be launching her very first cookbook during this series (aptly titled “Feed Your People: Slam Dunk Recipes for Your Crew”) which really is just an excellent excuse to dish on the show about good eats and what we love to make for our people. We’re covering everything from what it takes behind the scenes to create delectable delights (and how to make them pop off the page of the cookbooks and foodie accounts we love to follow) to why food is such an integral part or our social and familial connections. Join us and stay for a spell to enjoy some delicious food talk–and how it serves our souls, as well as our stomachs.


Food Fight! Jen’s Mom and Sibs Reveal the Family Food Secrets

November 3, 2022

As we wrap up our food series and celebrate of the release of Jen’s very first cookbook, we have another first right here in this Feeding These People Food series: Jen’s mom, her brother, and one of her sisters give us all the dish on the history of food in the King family in their very first appearance together on For the Love, for the last episode of this series! Jana, Drew, Cortney, and Jen weigh in on the good, bad and ugly of their family meals growing up, their favorite around the table memories, and the foods that, well, just failed. From Hamburger Helper, to Veg-all, to Drew’s penchant for boiling cokes he would pinch from the garage in the Louisiana heat, it’s a wonder any of us that grew up…

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Wine, Food, and Diversity with Noel Burgess

October 26, 2022

It’s another episode of our cozy fall series; For the Love of Feeding These People. How could we talk about food without talking about one of the things that pairs with it best. Yes, we’re talking wine on this week’s show, and we’ve got a knowledgeable, smart and decidedly different wine expert joining Jen to talk through food’s most delightful partner. Noel Burgess is a wine writer and influencer who lives in wine country in Northern California. For those of you that love wine, and even better, for those of you who have been looking to add wine to your table, Noel’s approach to wine is refreshing to us all. What’s great about Noel is that he’s on a journey of wine discovery himself—having only started drinking wine less than 5 years…

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Getting Spicy with Instagram Foodie Phenom Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest

October 19, 2022

Things are getting even more delicious as we continue with the “Feeding These People” series here on the For The Love Podcast, as we celebrate the launch of Jen’s dream project – her very first cookbook! And like we need an excuse to talk about food (we don’t) so pardon us as we revel in all the foodie-loving goodness our guest this week brings us through her oh-so-delectable, highly followed Instagram channel. We’ve got Half Baked Harvest’s Tieghan Gerard with us this week and we couldn’t be more excited (and a little hungry). Tieghan, much like Jen, got her start in the world of blogging way back in 2012 and was just a natural to move her food thoughts and creations over to Instagram (to the tune of 4.7M followers), and subsequently…

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The Making of “Feed These People”: Jen’s Cookbook Stylists Tell It All

October 13, 2022

It’s time to get into a topic for a brand new series that is near and dear to our hearts—food. We love to eat it, we love to take pictures of it, we love to cook it (well, some of us do). This brand new series, For the Love of Feeding These People, coincides with the release of Jen’s brand new cookbook; “Feed These People,” but lest you think this is one long discussion about Jen’s book, think again. We’re bringing in other food creators whose Instagrams we follow religiously for their culinary creations, we’re bringing in a wine guy (not a snooty one, but one that gives us affordable options and doesn’t shame us if we wonder out loud what wine pairs with corn dogs), and Jen’s own family (sisters, brother…

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