Series 50: For the Love of Sex

It’s high time that we full-on tackle a subject we’ve touched on in other series, but not fully delved into: sex. We’re talking about pleasure, the workings of our bodies, the concept of desire, what culture teaches us about sex, the things we believe about it–we basically leave no bed sheet unturned with this topic. We’re giving ourselves permission to acknowledge that there is no one right way to talk about sex–but listening to our bodies and the wisdom they have to share prepares us for a great conversation. Everyone deserves to live with joy and confidence within their bodies and it’s our goal with this series to break down the walls that hold us back from the pleasure that has always been ours to claim.


Getting Cliterate! Closing the Orgasm Gap Toward Female Sexual Fulfillment with Dr. Alexandra Solomon

March 16, 2023

Every person is sexy just because they’re alive, according to this week’s guest in our For the Love of Sex Series; Dr. Alexandra Solomon. Jen & Dr. Solomon talk about how we can discover how to engage with our sexuality free from judgment or expectation.  Dr. Alexandra Solomon is the author of bestselling books, “Loving Bravely” and “Taking Sexy Back” which both seek to empower women to reclaim their sexual journeys. As a highly acclaimed psychologist at Northwestern University, Dr. Solomon regularly presents her findings to people all over the world.  Join Dr. Solomon and Jen as they discuss: Talking about sex with your partner  How to stop settling for less in the bedroom  Objectively reflecting on your sexual journey without judgment The real impact of trauma on our sexual selves How…

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How Radical Self Acceptance Impacts Our Sex Lives with Brandon Kyle Goodman

March 8, 2023

As our guest today says, “Everybody is here because somebody had sex.” Today we talk to Brandon Kyle Goodman about coming out from the shadows of your own desire. We’re looking at a new era of sex positivity in pop culture and in our lives. In this episode we explore themes from Brandon’s book: “You Gotta Be You: How to Embrace This Messy Life and Step Into Who You Really Are”.   Listen as Jen and Brandon discuss: Sex in Culture, The Importance of Diverse Representation Subverting Gender Norms in the Bedroom  Understanding Brandon’s Non-Binary Gender Identity  Exploring your Sexual Identity with Radical Self Acceptance and Love Coming out and the Importance of Chosen Family It’s a new day for sex in our media, our bedrooms, and in our minds and hearts!…

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Dismantling Toxic Masculinity Toward Better Sex with Sex Coach and Therapist Cam Fraser

March 1, 2023

For this episode of the Sex series, we’re getting some adult sex education we wished we had learned when we were younger. Specifically around messages young men received around sex, and how this now manifests with toxic masculinity which unfortunately, seeps into the bedroom. Our guest today helps us find ways we can change these sexual narratives. While not all of us are in sexual relationships with men, the reality is that the way in which men perceive their status in the bedroom affects their roles outside of the bedroom. And when toxic masculinity is driving that inner monologue, we all lose. So today we’re addressing the ways this can affect us all, not only the cis hetero men in our lives.    A licensed sex coach and therapist, Cam Fraser teaches sex…

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Sex and Consent with Film & TV Intimacy Coordinator Jessica Steinrock

February 22, 2023

As part of our For the Love of Sex series, we are talking to a Hollywood intimacy coordinator about the nitty gritty of consent, the emerging role of intimacy coordinators in Hollywood, and the future of creating consent culture on film and TV sets. There are ripple effects into the wider culture at large that happen when we prioritize safety and consent. A viral content creator on TikTok and CEO of her own company, Jessica Steinrock is helping change the way we understand consent on TV & film sets. Our favorite quote of hers is ‘’‘Yes’ means nothing unless ‘No’ is an option.”    In this episode, Jessica and Jen discuss: The historical context of consent in film and TV  How intimacy coordinators cultivate consent Jessica’s definition of consent The power of pairing…

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Your Brain as a Sex Organ with Dipsea’s Gina Gutierrez

February 15, 2023

“Good girls”, “naughty girls”, women with too tight skirts or too high heels. Women’s sexuality is being scrutinized and judged by forces outside of ourselves no matter what form it takes. Our guest today is Gina Gutierrez who seeks to empower women to stop listening to these outside voices and start listening to our inner eros by tuning in and turning on with audio erotica. We could not be more…excited. TedX speaker with over 1M views, and member of the Forbes Under 30 2020 list, Gina Gutierrez is celebrated for her work focusing on using the imagination to ignite women’s sexuality. With her co-founder Faye Keegan she created the app Dipsea to help women define their desire in an empowered way through audio erotica stories.   In this episode Gina and Jen discuss:…

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Unraveling the Grip of Shame on our Sex Lives with Matthias Roberts

February 8, 2023

Welcome to our first episode in our For the Love of Sex series! We’re excited to break open this topic and find ways to cultivate what sexual health means for each of us and lay down toxic perspectives surrounding sex in our lives. Today we’re talking about sexual shame and how that can show inside and outside the bedroom. Matthias Roberts is a psychotherapist, author and podcaster. He wrote a book on sexual shame called “Beyond Shame: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Your Own Terms” and is committed to helping people find freedom feeling shame around sex. Jen and Matthias discuss: A working definition of what sexual shame is How Matthias’s perspective on sex shifted after coming out in a Christian fundamentalist home Questions to ask ourselves to develop our own…

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