This Year, Every Little Thing Counts: Jen’s 2023 Recap

“I’m just trying to figure out what it means to do good in the world and be a good neighbor and leave something of a loving legacy.”

Episode 04

Wrapping up another amazing and somewhat wild year here on the For the Love Podcast. For this special episode, Jen is flying solo to share her thoughts on what 2023 meant to her, what pinnacles were met, what didn’t go so well, and the many things add to the gratefulness list. From celebrating long time friendships and new friendships, to milestones with her kids, to being in a relationship as a “girlfriend,” to going through perimenopause and becoming gluten free, Jen recounts the blessings and the challenges 2023 brought to the table. And she gives us a peek into the process of writing for her brand new book that you won’t want to miss. For those of you who are struggling to find things to be grateful about over the last year, we’re here for you too. If you’re sludging through the remainder of the year, digging out of it a spoonful of dirt at a time, we’re here to remind you to keep going. Everything you’re doing, every teeny little moment holds within it grace or hope or strength or outright joy, and every single moment matters. And you, our listener, matter to us. On our gratitude lists, you are at the top–and we look forward to more good, hard, and worthwhile stories to share with you. Thank you for making this show a vibrant hub and a soft place to land for us all.


Episode Transcript

All right everybody, welcome to the show. I’ve come to love this little episode and even cherish it. I think this is our third year maybe to do it this was my producer Laura’s idea, which was to save an episode near the end of the year where I just talk straight to you. I don’t have a guest, I’m the guest, and I’m interviewing my own self today I guess, and sort of like a look back over the year and what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learned and what I did and I found it to be a cathartic, lovely way to practice memory, to practice generosity and gratitude really.

I’m so glad you’re here to listen, but honestly, this is just good for me as a person who cares so much about my community and us being honest with each other and holding space for that kind of truth telling ism I think, it’s like a cornerstone of our entire community. And so that’s what this is. So this is a strange time of year because it’s grown into this major sort of almost competitive sport on socials to just be one of two things. Like “everything is great and here’s the highlight reel of everything and hip, hooray, and then also, here’s all my goals for next year. Here’s what I’m going to do better and improve on and it’s go, go, go and be better and do better and show up better and all of it.” And it feels like a lot of pressure. I know that the calendar is turning over a page. I know it, but it’s still just life. We’re still just living our lives and we still have all the same stuff and all the same things to manage. And so I just want to tell you that officially here on this particular episode, I’m giving you a break. I’m giving all of us a break. I absolve us from feeling compelled to commit to the frenzy. 





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