I was that child, thankfully.

When I was two years old, some judgey older woman at church handed my mom a copy of “The Strong Willed Child” in Sunday School. My point is that I came out hot (and have apparently been upsetting Church Ladies™ for some time).


I have five kids.

  • I’m recently single after a 26-year marriage.
  • I’ve lived in Austin for almost 25 years.
  • I am an author-speaker-podcaster-book club curator.
  • I’ve written a bunch of bestsellers and have some fancy awards I keep on a shelf because I am an Enneagram 3 and we are the worst.
I still use my first and only AOL email address.

My favorite food is sandwiches, even behind the scenes of a photo shoot. 

  • I used to be a darling of evangelical women’s subculture but now I am a bit of a problem child.
I am hopelessly attached to my friends; on Valentine’s Day, I sent a text saying “you are the greatest loves of my life."

I bought a 1975 Bronco after my divorce and it didn’t run.

I had to get all my money back under the Lemon Law, so I ordered a brand new Bronco that took a year and a half to manufacture, but my point is I have bought two cars by myself in my life and they were both Broncos.

I still love Jesus but church is hard for me, and this makes me sad, like I am missing my childhood home.

My favorite movie is Notting Hill.

One time I was playing Scrabble and my opponent questioned one too many of my words, and I swept my arm across the board throwing all the tiles against the wall in a blaze of fury and walked out the front door (see: “The Strong Willed Child”).

I love Irish Spring soap.

I also use bougie Tyler laundry detergent called “Diva” even though:

  1. It costs $68.58, and
  2. One of my besties hates it and says he can smell me from a block away. IN A GOOD WAY, MY DUDE.
My entire extended family and all my kids live in the Austin area, and this is basically the culmination of all my dreams.
“When my oldest was in 5th grade, he opened up a fresh mouth to me and I told him to get a shovel, go in the backyard, and dig his own grave. (I don’t love this memory, but you aren’t supposed to lie on the “About Me” page)”

I still have my O.G. AOL email address. Not sorry.

90s Country Music

How do I live without you? I don’t. 90s country music is my jam.

Candy Bars in Coffee

I drink Almond Joy creamer in my coffee and will not be reformed.

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