The high-level stuff: I’ve written several books including NY Times bestsellers For the Love, Of Mess and Moxie, and Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire. I host the For the Love Podcast which has won a bunch of awards, and I speak all over the country. I created the Jen Hatmaker Book Club where I nerd out every month with thousands of women who believe good books are everything and stories still matter. I lead an online community of millions of women, and they are my life force, personal think tank, and comic relief.

The low-level stuff: I still use a paper calendar which you will pry out of my cold, dead hands. I also use my original AOL email account unironically. I love cooking but am a terrible teacher in the kitchen because I just want all those kids to leave me alone. Big fan of 90’s country music. I can drive a boat and pull kids on a tube. I secretly like Totino’s frozen pizza which costs like $1.19 and I’m not sorry. I don’t like sad movies; never seen a Nicholas Spark film. My favorite show is CBS Sunday Morning. We live in a 1908 farmhouse which is very creaky and thus helpful while raising teenagers who might want to leave at 3:30am. I love concerts but only when we can sit down now; we aren’t Olympians. The Secret Garden was my first favorite book. I drink Almond Joy Flavored Creamer in my coffee and won’t be reformed. These are all the important facts of my life (favorite Facts of Life character: Jo).