I’m an Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Advocate, Educator, Mother and a Textbook Enneagram 3.

I want to inspire you to be delighted, find hope and humor, build connection, and keep going.

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Discover a delightful new book with me each month while connecting with other book-loving friends.
Walk through essential questions and learnings on how to become more educated in the LGBTQIA+ space.
We are setting sail in the sunny Caribbean on Nov. 1 and I want YOU to come aboard for hilarious shenanigans and heartfelt moments — plus all the fun in the sun.

“I want a legacy dripping with human connection, up to its eyeballs in memories and adventures and weathered storms and gladness. I hope to leave a wake of victory, a life of full integrity. I want to say it all, risk it all, own it all.”

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Get all my favorite surefire recipes — and all the stories that accompany each one — in my cookbook that includes chapters like Food for Breakfast (or brunch so you can drink), Food for Your Picky Spouse or Spawn, and Food for When You Have No More Damns to Give.

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For The Love is my weekly chat session with some of the best people on earth across every category you can imagine. We laugh. We cry. We learn. We love. And we talk about everything that is good, right, wrong, hard, fun, confusing, wondrous, and thought-provoking.

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  • Series 55: For the Love of Funny
    Sheltered Kids Who Grew Up To Be Funny: Trey + Katie Kennedy and Jake Triplett
  • Series 55: For the Love of Funny
    For the Love of Funny: Finding The Funny In Our Wins and Losses with R. Eric Thomas
  • Series 55: For the Love of Funny
    Yelled at By A Clown: How Nate Bargatze Found His Funny
  • Series 54: For the Love of Friends and Community
    Redefining Community & Friendships When Faced With The Unexpected ft. Emma Nadler
  • Series 54: For the Love of Friends and Community
    The Hardest Part of Friendship; When It’s Time To Say Goodbye ft. Erin Falconer
  • Series 54: For the Love of Friends and Community
    Shannan Martin on Friendship: “It Starts with Hello”


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I drink Almond Joy creamer in my coffee and will not be reformed.


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