Kobe Campbell on Gently Excavating Our Trauma - Jen Hatmaker

Kobe Campbell on Gently Excavating Our Trauma

“The person who holds the wound holds the wisdom. If we lock away that version of us that is deeply wounded and wants to cry for three months, then we’re also locking away the wisdom of those situations that we need for our present.”

Episode 03

We’re finishing up our For the Love of Wonderful You series intentionally with a deep breath and a gentle word of encouragement. In this episode, even though we are talking about trauma, critical inner voices, and the arduous process of grief, Jen and her guest unwind these topics in the most gentle and loving way. 

Kobe Campbell is an award-winning therapist who specializes in helping people process grief and trauma in a way that unearths true empowerment. Hidden beneath the clamor of everyday life, the voices of our inner critic lie in wait to echo our grief. These voices, though silent to others, can roar deafeningly within us — shaping our perceptions, beliefs, and actions. Kobe’s suggestions of journal “prompts” help guide our own trauma excavation process, and her gentle but challenging questions further that sometimes painful work, while steering us toward self compassion. 

Jen and Kobe touch on: 

  • The understanding that grief can take a lot of time to process; which can ultimately lead to wisdom and true empowerment
  • A working definition of trauma and that trauma is highly personal and contextual
  • How we can feel brave enough to examine the inner critical voice and discern where it’s coming from
  • Acknowledging the cultural pressure to live at an unsustainable pace that doesn’t allow space or time to heal

If you ever needed permission to grieve or drop the unrelenting pace of your life, then this is the invitation.


Episode Transcript

Hi everybody, Jen Hatmaker here, your host of the For the Love podcast. I’m so glad that you’re here. I just finished today’s interview this very second and I can say this sincerely. I interview a lot of therapists, mental health specialists, and wellness experts, across the spectrum. Today’s conversation — well, here are my notes. I took a bunch of notes because I did not want to forget anything. She challenged me and pushed me and asked such pointed, specific questions as any of us are navigating our own healing but a few of them stopped me in my tracks. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I think I just want you to know that I’m excited for you to be here today and I think this conversation is really going to serve you. Our guest is just special and she’s gifted and I love the way that she is leading. 

I was really drawn to this conversation. We have the incredible Kobe Campbell here with us today. Kobe is an award-winning licensed trauma therapist. She’s an author. She’s a speaker. She’s written a book called Why Am I Like This? And the subtitle gets to the core of it: How to Break Cycles, Heal from Trauma, and Restore Your Faith. I’m telling you, this is her deal. As we got into this conversation today, I asked her, “What is trauma? How is trauma different than just pain?” So she goes right to the heart of that. Every time I said something, she would push back on it in a more generous reading than the way I self-described. She had more grace inside her answer and she had more nuance and thoughtfulness. I just kept thinking, “Oh man, I have some bad narratives that I am still subscribing to.” Kobe has a way that feels comforting, gentle, nurturing, and also challenging. You’re going to see this today.

So whatever you are bringing to the table right now and whatever trauma that you are facing or dealing with, whatever old narrative you are still working to unspool, or if there is some pattern or behavior that you think, “Why do I keep doing this? — “I don’t even want to be like this?” — then this is your conversation. I think you’re going to be encouraged today and challenged. I just am delighted to bring you this incredible conversation with the wonderful Kobe Campbell. 





Why Am I Like This? How to Break Cycles, Heal From Trauma, and Restore Your Faith by Kobe Campbell

Journal Prompt on Kobe’s Instagram

Brain Neuro Coupling

I Feel Like Woman by Shania Twain on Spotify

Minaa B. Website (Therapist and Colleague of Kobe’s)

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Michell C. Clark Instagram


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