The 5 Things Anyone Who Cooks Needs To Know with Bri McKoy - Jen Hatmaker

The 5 Things Anyone Who Cooks Needs To Know with Bri McKoy

“I always say that a sauce can make a meal. Like give it a glow up” – Bri McKoy

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Our guest this week is bringing core insights into the kitchen so that everyone can: 

a.) enjoy cooking and b.) turn it from a massive chore to a bright spot in your day.  Author, blogger and “accidental cook” Bri McKoy is here, talking with Jen about the best practices and advice on how to become the kind of cook you want to be for your own life.

Drawn from her essential cookbook, “The Cooks Book: Recipes for Keeps and Essential Techniques to Master Everyday Cooking,” Bri wants to share what she’s learned in her kitchen so that everyone’s kitchen can become a place of confidence and joy. 

Jen and Bri dish on: 

  • Why it matters where you put things in your kitchen—and how small changes can make a big impact
  • The Forever Grocery list, is Bri’s tried and true list of things you should always have on hand in your kitchen so that you limit your time shopping and planning
  • Bri’s Kitchen Techniques – simple rules that help us make decisions in the kitchen
  • What you need to know about pairing the right wine with the right foods and how to stock your bar with the essentials

If there’s more cooking in your life this summer with kids at home, guests coming to visit, or budget-conscious cooking when traveling, this relatable episode will give you the tools you need to de-stress your kitchen and make it a place for great food and great fun!

Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody! Jen Hatmaker here, your host of the For the Love podcast. Happy summer! I’m so excited to share this particular episode with you. You may or may not have had a chance to hear this interview before because we originally aired this sparkling and vibrant episode over on our premium channel. It was such a good episode that we decided to air it again so our whole listening community could enjoy it. Now this person is no stranger to our show. Not only did she visit with us on this special premium episode you’re about to hear, but she was with us in 2021 on our For the Love of Food series, which happened to coincide with the time I was madly working on my first cookbook, “Feed These People,” which came out in 2022. You know her, you love her. It’s Bri McCoy!

I’m so in love with Bri. She is a cook and a lover of food. She’s captured everybody’s hearts with warmth and wisdom. When I met her during those early pandemic days I was like, “I need this energy. I need this life force and, because I’m in my kitchen all the time cooking, I need this inspiration.” I think we were just looking for good news at the time and she delivered with her very charming origin story, which you’re going to love. She has such amazing insights into the beauty of connecting around the table. We loved her so much that we also asked her to be my special guest in one of the MeCourses we put together about cooking. In every single MeCourse, we always had one expert who knows and lives in the space that we are discussing, and we create content together. Bri was my expert in the cooking MeCourse. 

When she was with us for this premium episode, she talked to us about her last cookbook, which is called The Cook’s Book: Recipes for Keeps and Essential Techniques to Master Everyday Cooking. It was a hoot to talk shop in the kitchen with her about cooking and cookbooks because she’s so vivacious. Also for sure, check out her Instagram and YouTube. She has delicious recipes and she walks you through the easy steps to create them. She makes everything less complicated than it looks, which is a relief to us home cooks. There’s all this really tactile and pragmatic stuff that you’re going to hear in today’s episode. Like the fact that summer is upon us and we’re all cooking a bunch, our kids are home, and the house is full. This episode includes stuff like where to put things in your kitchen and why it matters. What Bri calls a “Forever grocery list,” which is so useful and I put that into my rotation.

I love her approach to cooking. It is relatable, inspiring, and approachable. It’s joyous. Her whole deal is about building confidence in the kitchen as a cook. Nobody is more capable than you are. Everybody can learn in the kitchen Everybody can get better. Everybody can improve. Everybody can practice. This is accessible to every single person so that cooking can become a fun, stress-free activity and something that you look forward to. I’m telling you, it’s true. So welcome, sit back, and enjoy this conversation with the bright and shining star who is perfect for our little podcast family. Here we go with the wonderful Bri McCoy. 

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