Food Fight! Jen’s Mom and Sibs Reveal the Family Food Secrets

Episode 04

As we wrap up our food series and celebrate of the release of Jen’s very first cookbook, we have another first right here in this Feeding These People Food series: Jen’s mom, her brother, and one of her sisters give us all the dish on the history of food in the King family in their very first appearance together on For the Love, for the last episode of this series! Jana, Drew, Cortney, and Jen weigh in on the good, bad and ugly of their family meals growing up, their favorite around the table memories, and the foods that, well, just failed. From Hamburger Helper, to Veg-all, to Drew’s penchant for boiling cokes he would pinch from the garage in the Louisiana heat, it’s a wonder any of us that grew up in the 80’s survived. You’ll be riveted by their spirited discussion about ranch dressing, the time when Jen’s dad decided to eat healthier and Jana started cooking everything with oat bran, and the highly debated pot pie incident–plus a few other family controversies over what really happened in the King kitchen. Stick around to the end when we hear each siblings’ recollection of their favorite meals and their assessment of how they are doing these days feeding their own families. 

Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody, Jen Hatmaker here, your host of the For The Love podcast. Well, just welcome to the show because today’s hilarious. Just today is hilarious. Right now we are in a series called For the Love of Feeding These People. You may have heard, but I wrote a cookbook called Feed These People.

And part of the reason this series and this cookbook is so near and dear to my heart, which you’ll see when you read it, is because my family, this is all heart. This is all family. My family is such a huge part of who I am as an eater and as a cook. I mean, think about the ways that your parents or sibs and spouses and children influence the stuff you make. What they beg you to make, what you begged your mom to make. What you loved, what you hated. The stories that you tell around the kitchen fails in your family. You know what I’m talking about.

So the way that we gather family and friends is a huge part of who we are. Huge, huge part of the food that we love, and the memories that we made around food, and the way that we gather around the table. The holidays that we celebrate together, and our favorite go-to places to have food and wine. Our appetizers that we catch up over with our kids and our friends and our family. So just a ton, a ton, a ton, a ton of our family stories revolve around food. This is 100% true in my little world. The way that we grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, around that kind of a table in Kansas. And then what we’ve turned into as adults, and we feed each other constantly in my family.

If you didn’t know this, I’m the oldest of four kids. My parents and all my siblings and all of our families live essentially in the Austin area. So we are together all the time, and never are we together when we’re not gathered around food. And so we cook for each other. We feed each other. We make each other’s favorite things. And this is a center point of our family. So today, my mom, Jana, my sister, Cortney, and my brother, Drew, and we are missing our last sister, Lindsay, because she literally had work to do in her job as a cook, as a catering chef. Couldn’t be with us.

But they’re joining me today for the first time as a crew here on the show. And I’m just tickled. I’m tickled because I just finished the whole recording. And it’s so funny and so absurd, and we are so obnoxious, and I just love us. We’re the worst and the best. Wrangling these people was insane, as you might think. But they love me, and they love food, and I love them, and they’re here. And so I hope you love this conversation. And we talk about what we ate growing up, our favorites, our fails, the big family controversies around food, what we cook like now. We just laugh so much. This is an absurd episode between me and my favorite people on planet earth. So please enjoy this hilarious conversation around food, table and growing up with my crazy, beautiful family. So I’ve got my mom, Jana. Missing is my sister, Lindsay, but she’s here in spirit, my sister, Courtney, and my brother, Drew.

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