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Episode 02

Things are getting even more delicious as we continue with the “Feeding These People” series here on the For The Love Podcast, as we celebrate the launch of Jen’s dream project – her very first cookbook! And like we need an excuse to talk about food (we don’t) so pardon us as we revel in all the foodie-loving goodness our guest this week brings us through her oh-so-delectable, highly followed Instagram channel. We’ve got Half Baked Harvest’s Tieghan Gerard with us this week and we couldn’t be more excited (and a little hungry). Tieghan, much like Jen, got her start in the world of blogging way back in 2012 and was just a natural to move her food thoughts and creations over to Instagram (to the tune of 4.7M followers), and subsequently began appearing on outlets like the Cooking Channel, Food Network, HGTV and more. Tieghan confesses to us, as much as she loves cooking (which came from experimentation as a kid, and watching a lot of Rachael Ray) she loves styling the things she cooks even more. And if you get a look at Half Baked Harvest on the socials, you’ll understand why. From her point of view on food, to her flavor profiles, to how she showcases her beautiful creations, you’ll see her talent–but rejoice in the fact that even though her recipes *look* elevated, they are made for people who might not have a chef’s touch in the kitchen.  We were stunned to find out that she wrote AND styled her last three cookbooks (after last week’s episode, where we had Jen’s entire cookbook team describing their work, we marvel at how she does it all). We also love the moments when Tieghan discovers Jen is southern and their hand-clapping delight that they both adore spicy foods (more jalapenos, please) and their aside about how wonderful it is to get to do what you love for a living. Stick around for the end as Tieghan shares her favorite (and easy) go-to recipe that everyone needs for their fall menus. 

Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody. Jen Hatmaker here, your host, The For the Love podcast. Welcome to the show. This is a really fun series. You know, I love your food series. Oh, so much fun. I think this is my third food series. And this one is the most fun because it’s attached to a dream–a dream project of mine–which was writing a cookbook. And I still literally cannot believe this very second, that it’s real, that I wrote a whole cookbook and it’s about to be in the world.

So I’ve been filling your ears up with all the good stuff, like behind the scenes of cookbook-ing and recipes and my family, all this fun stuff. And today is no exception. Oh, you guys, if you know, you know, I’m excited for you because I have an incredible guest today. She is absolutely beloved. Most of you follow her and we all love her. It is Tegan Gerrard of Half Baked Harvest, y’all. Oh, my gosh. This is one of my absolute favorite Instagram followers. She and I share, like, a lot of, like, point of view on food and flavor profiles. And she’s darling, she’s funny. Her voice is so recognizable to me that I could hear her out of a million people if she said one sentence.

She started in the olden days of blogging like so many people did. I absolutely loved Tieghan. First of all, her food’s a work of art. Her pictures make me drool every single time. And we’re going to talk a lot about that because she doesn’t just develop her recipes and cook them. She styles them and shoots them. She is kind of just an absolute triple threat. If you haven’t followed her, you’re welcome for this introduction. You’re going to be so happy. She is just absolutely incredible. Her talent is unparalleled, but elevated and somehow still simple. Like, you can do it all. It’s all attainable, even for people who burn water. Her charming little mountain life has endeared her to millions of followers. 

And you know, we love a self-made woman over here on For the Love. And she started young. Wait till you hear this. She’s been busting her behind for nine or ten years. She’s gone all the way from a little blog to number one on the New York Times bestseller list. She’s not even in her thirties yet. This girl can do it. She can dream up a recipe. She can make it gorgeous. She can make it accessible. And she make every single one of us fall in love with her. You’re going to love this conversation. Oh, she is, darling. I’m so happy to have met her. I’m so pleased to share my conversation with the wonderful Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest.


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Half Baked Harvest Every Day
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Half Baked Harvest
by Tieghan Gerard



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