Going Solo, Finding Yourself, and Keeping Hope Alive: Jen’s Thoughts on 2022 - Jen Hatmaker

Going Solo, Finding Yourself, and Keeping Hope Alive: Jen’s Thoughts on 2022

Episode 04

It’s our anticipated annual solo episode where we get to spend time with Jen reflecting on the year and the changes that have occurred in her life and our collective lives. And whew, have Things™ happened! We are still in the cyclone of massive change that launched out of 2020. Jen recently entered an empty nest phase this year and began a new relationship (an LDR relationship to boot) for the first time in years. She opens up about her relationship with Tyler in a completely new way and offers some hope for those navigating the waters of being single or testing out tough relationships. Whatever comes in the new year, Jen is committed to trying new things and believing that things do get better. It might be messy and wildly nonlinear but there is hope and there is progress and there is a future worth fighting for. I mean, Jen is still shocked she wrote a bestselling cookbook at age 47. If you had asked her in her twenties if that was her future, she would have laughed in your face. Whether you want to overhaul your own life or dip your toe into a new venture, Jen’s with you and cheering you on. We end this episode with Jen sharing what’s on her mind for the new year and what’s to come on the podcast and beyond. We hope you go into your new year feeling like you have a community that gets you, supports you, and that you have permission to try new things. Happy new year, pod community!

Episode Transcript

Hi. Welcome to the… We’re the Love Podcast. I am your host, Jen Hatmaker, your happy host for five whole years on this show. We are in a series called, For the Love of Ending the Year With a Bang. Just let us have it, you guys. We were just in the mood. We were in the mood for ending the year with a bang. Okay? We’ve had some really cool guests in this series too, helping us think really interesting and curious and hopeful thoughts about what it means to end 2023 with a bang.

Today is my solo episode on 2023. I want you to know that before I started this, before I hopped on here, I went back and recapped last year’s solo EP, which was a lot, and interesting for me. A year makes, sometimes, hardly any difference at all in a life, and sometimes it makes all the difference in the world. Some years just come and go without a lot of seismic changes, or big life moments. Some years are huge. This has been a huge year for me, as was last year, and the year before.

It felt like I went steady Eddie for a decade there, and then 2020, 2021, 2022 was just… It’s just absolute ebb and flow tsunami, nonstop. As we look back at 2022 now, I know for sure, gosh, I’ve had some big bang moments this year, mostly good, which is really saying something after last year and certainly after the year before. Some hard things, some surprising things, a big old mix. I’m going to just, I guess talk candidly through them.

The good thing about our podcast community is I’ve always been able to talk candidly to you and have. There isn’t a thing in my life that has any meaning at all that has not had its location somewhere on this podcast. I’ve shared with you everything really. I know that this is a great and a safe place to do that and I’m grateful for it.


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“I was just reminded that hope is not foolish. It’s not foolish, it is brave. It’s audacious maybe, but it’s not foolish. This is our moment in time. This is our little spot on the historical timeline to fight for what matters in the same way that every generation has done before us.” – Jen Hatmaker

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