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Series 56: For the Love of Therapy

Therapy isn’t just for people who are dealing with big-time mental health stuff. It’s a super helpful tool that anyone can tap into. Think about it like a cozy corner where you can really get to know yourself and learn some new coping skills. And with this series, we’re creating a virtual cozy corner where we’re talking to the brightest minds—some who are top therapists in their field, and some who have benefited greatly from receiving therapy (and we don’t even charge by the hour–you’re welcome!). Jen gets personal about her own therapy experience and walks with us to open the door to some therapists’ practices to let you see what happens there. If you’ve had doubts or reservations about seeking therapy, take a test drive through this series in your own living room, in your car, or wherever you like to hunker down to listen to the show, and see why we believe in the power of therapy.

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