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Get Your Life Together with Peloton’s Cody Rigsby

“No matter how much we love anybody in our life, specifically our parents, dealing with addiction is hard. It’s challenging. You don’t really know the effects of it when you’re a kid until you look back as an adult and be like, ‘Oh wow, that was really messed up.’” – Cody Rigsby

Episode 04

Coming in hot for our Queer Futures series, we’re bringing you an interview previously aired on For The Love’s Premium Podcast channel with celebrity Peloton instructor, Cody Rigsby. Cody has gained a devoted following through his engaging and motivational fitness classes on the Peloton platform. He talks about his memoir “XOXO Cody: An Opinionated Homosexual’s Guide to Self-Love, Relationships and Tactful Pettiness” in which he opens up about transitioning from professional dance to fitness, his relationship with his mother who struggled with addiction and bipolar disorder, and how he aims to empower others through vulnerability and self-love. With his vibrant personality and inspirational story, Cody has become a celebrity in his own right.

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Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody! Jen Hatmaker here, your host of the For the Love podcast, a.k.a. our favorite little community corner on the internet. We love it here. We love you. Welcome to the show. I’m tickled because I know what the reaction is going to be because we have a really special episode for you. We sort of gate-kept this episode for our premium podcast listeners the first time it aired but it was truly so good that we needed the whole community to have access to this particular conversation. Serendipitously, with it being Pride Month, it fits right in with the phenomenal group of folks that we’re already talking to during our Queer Future series. So here’s the sitch. I have a feeling a certain little fitness community is going to lose it when they realize who our guest is today. It is the one and only, the fabulous Cody Rigsby from Peloton. You know it! 

If you’re not familiar with Peloton, first of all, it’s a force. There’s no other way to put it. It is like this fiercely loyal crew of people who just go nuts about their community in the best way possible. You know I love to see it. They’re all just doing positive work on their personal wellness journeys. It’s so fun to watch. Think Jen Hatmaker book club gals’ level of closeness, but like on mega steroids! People are loving this workout-from-home phenomenon for good reason. They are 100% loving the instructors, namely Cody. They’re all invested in their lives because when you have someone motivating you to love yourself no matter what, to be proud of yourself, to honor your own journey, saying the exact things you need to hear to feel empowered and feel like your best self, why wouldn’t you love them?

We interviewed Cody last year, right as he was releasing his incredible memoir called “Xoxo Cody,” which is also the name of his super popular Peloton bike riding series, where essentially like a workout, plus Gossip Girl — like spilling the tea sesh with your BFFs all at once. You’re going to get a kick out of the subtitle of his memoir, by the way, which is “An Opinionated Homosexuals Guide to Self-love, Relationships, and Tactful Pettiness.” God, I love it so much. I want Cody to tell me how to live my whole life. That’s just the bottom line. He has blown up to celebrity status because people love his larger-than-life personality. 

If you aren’t already familiar with Cody or his numerous mainstream brand partnerships, you might have seen him fighting for the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars. So in this fun interview, he talks about his own story. I appreciated his candor so much because spoiler — it was not all sunshine and roses no matter how he seems right now, and how he transitioned from professional dance to the world of fitness. He also opened up about his relationship with his mom who has faced addiction and bipolar disorder. Their beautiful journey toward healing together is really lovely and I just fell more in love with him than I already was. So, without any further ado, here is my interview with the dazzling and delightful Cody Rigsby.

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