by Jen Hatmaker on June 1st, 2015

Last week, I visited the Noonday office here in Austin. "Office" in this case is misleading; it is two entire floors of fabulous. When my friend Jessica started Noonday five years ago just as her own little adoption fundraiser, it consisted of a few pieces of Ugandan jewelry, two other friends, and her spare bedroom. Just five years later, the American office includes 50 employees and an entire office building. Don't you dare tell me God cannot take one small portion of fish and loaves and turn it into a feast.

I was an early adopter to the Noonday awesomeness, so I walked around the office like a proud mama peacock. To see me, you would have thought I built the whole business with my bare hands. Brandon says sometimes I "over-invest" emotionally.

For the three of my readers who haven't heard me talk about Noonday, this is the basic premise: Noonday identifies artisan entrepreneurs who share the dream of creating meaningful opportunity in vulnerable communities. They design gorgeous jewelry and accessories in collaboration with talented Artisans in ten different countries. They develop artisan businesses through fair trade and connect them to a global market, which enables them to create more jobs for people in their communities.

It is economic empowerment, which has transformed the lives of - wait for it - over 4000 artisans and their families around the world. (I saw it with my own eyes last year in Rwanda.)

Plus? The products are beyond.

Not only does Noonday provide economic empowerment for women (and some men!) globally, BUT RIGHT HERE TOO. Because they offer the coolest job maybe ever to women in the states: Noonday Ambassadors. NA's are three main things:

Noonday Ambassadors are stylists who share their love of fashion and help women discover jewelry and accessories that make them feel beautiful. They are storytellers who create a connection between women in their communities and Artisans around the world. They are social entrepreneurs who sell jewelry and accessories through Trunk Shows, making an impact in their communities and around the world.

There is a pretty straight line between me and the Noonday Ambassador buzz (#sorrynotsorry). Women tell me all the time how my book "7" ruined their lives (always a lovely thing to hear about your work), and they often follow that up with how Noonday became a place for them to practice the doing of that paradigm shift. Ambassadors tell me it has helped them discover their worth, exercise risk, and connect to the global community. Love, love, love. Women empowering women; it works.

Here is what several Ambassadors said:
  •  “I was doing an online Bible Study of Jen’s last summer and stumbled upon Noonday and the Style For Justice trip. Jen talked about how women across the world are all the same. They all want their kids to go to school; they all want to provide the best care for their kids. But some women just don’t have any options. I knew this what I wanted to do, so I became a Noonday Ambassador ”  -Lisa Maynard
  • “Jen Hatmaker made me do it and my life has not been the same. In the Style for Justice video she says "we are all different but we are all the same," and talks about how Moms want to provide for our kids no matter where we live? Dangit Jen!! There were times, when I was downright mad at her for posting such a convicting blog and calling me out of my comfort zone. That's what did it for me and made me become a Noonday Ambassador.” –Cherese Lee
  • “Jen’s books helped me put words and actions behind what I was feeling and becoming a Noonday Ambassador helped me put legs on it. ” –Laura Moseley
  • “I’ve followed Jen for a while and connected with Noonday when the opportunity to go to Rwanda with the Style For Justice team was presented. I entered the contest to go to Rwanda with her, but through the process found that becoming a Noonday Ambassador was an even better prize!”  -Nicole Berry
  • “After a medical trip I found myself wishing I could do something that provided people with more than temporary relief. I discovered Jen’s blog post about Noonday and IJM and knew I had be part of it all! I became a Noonday Ambassador because I wanted to help make a lasting change in the lives of others and now I am.” –Paula Cox
  • “Jen’s words convicted me to take a risk, face my fears, and jump in. Becoming an Ambassador has been that risk for me.”  –Lisa Thomson
  • “I attended a retreat where Jen was the speaker, where she talked about orphan prevention. I didn't realize that many children that become orphans actually have one or more living parents, but the parents aren't able to financially care for the child.  As a mother of three, I wrestled with this. God used Jen's teachings to nudge me to do something. I attended a Noonday trunk show and then signed up to become an Ambassador a week later. As an Ambassador, I am able to share how Noonday is changing lives around the world. “  -Jennifer Powell
I'm like an unofficial headhunter for Noonday, for the love. But this has me thinking about you, and how so many of you are fashion-forward, smart, motivated, and also very much concerned about this world and its people. Noonday Ambassadors are building a flourishing world where people have jobs, children are cherished, women are empowered, and we are all connected. This is happening around the world and right here among the Ambassador community.

It is so outstanding.

Ambassadors love their job. They are Noonday evangelists. Even more than me.

Listen, you. You right there, the one who is looking for The Next Right Step, the one who is so ready for meaningful work, the one who loves women around the world but doesn't quite know how to help while you live in Suburbia USA. You, the fashionista who styles her friends even when they don't ask you to. You, the entrepreneurial justice girl. You, the mom whose kids are all in school now. You, the world-loving bleeding heart.

Maybe it's time to consider becoming a Noonday Ambassador.

BONUS: If you sign up using this link, Noonday is going to give you a Kinfolk Bag after you sign up and host your first show. I mean, look at this thing:

The entire thing is hand-beaded and hand-stitched. I want to marry this bag.

Summer is almost here. Rhythms are about to shift. For some of you, maybe the question isn't Why? but WHY NOT?  This could be your Next Right Thing. I'll tell you this: IT IS A FUN TRIBE. Plus, pretty. Plus, meaningful. Plus, exciting. Plus, financially rock solid. Plus, best leadership ever. I mean, this girl:
Jessica's shoes are stilettos. Just on a random Tuesday. Can't deal. Also, I am obviously trying to impress her with my wedges. Don't try to tell me they aren't ON POINT.

I am so proud of her, of all the Ambassadors, of the Noonday model, of the artisans around the world. This is how to do it, man. It isn't charity or handouts; it is economic empowerment and sustainable, dignified work through skilled craftsmanship. DROP THE MIC.

You want in on this? Click here, find out more, and come back here in six months and tell me how Noonday has changed your life.

(And stay tuned for a Noonday/Jen Hatmaker collaboration on a to-die-for piece for the For the Love book launch this August...who else would I ask to design for me????)


by Jen Hatmaker on May 26th, 2015

Most home cooks have a signature move: mine is homemade pizza. (I have a few other personal faves, mostly based around curry or pickled onions/beets/radishes/anything, but my people get weird about those.) But homemade pizza? Homerun every time. Because 'Merica.

I usually post my recipes willy-nilly on Facebook only to have you send me 937 emails asking where it is two weeks later because "YOU CAN'T FIIIIIIIIIIND IT," so I decided to put this one on le blog so it can be pinned or whatever the heck.

Outside of a few fresh ingredients, you almost always have everything you need for homemade pizza. Let's do this:

by Jen Hatmaker on May 22nd, 2015

‘Twas the first week of summer and all through the land
Not a Mom was still signing folders, not even a Dad.
The backpacks were slung in the garage without care
In hopes that some Clean Out Fairy soon would be there.

The children were nestled (super late) in their beds
While visions of NO HOMEWORK danced in their heads.
Mama in her yoga pants and I in my jorts
Are scheduling summer playdates, vacations, and sports.

When out in the playroom there arose such a clatter
We yelled (from the couch) to see what was the matter.
The children were arguing, restless, and I was floored
To hear the young cherubs declare: I’M BORED.

by Jen Hatmaker on May 21st, 2015

A few weeks ago, our oldest son jacked up his truck AGAIN while “mudding” with his friends. This is maybe a Texas thing, I think. It involves teen boys, trucks, empty fields, and general frontal lobe underdevelopment. There were a handful of details I’ll omit, but we ended up getting a “story” instead of the truth.
In the inevitable confrontation, Brandon and I both played the heavy because the parenting book I read ten years ago cautioned against triangulation. But between our son’s obvious emotional distress and our relief that the “story” involved a muddy road instead of, say, drug paraphernalia, we both started losing steam midway through the lecture.
At one point too late in the game, Brandon looked sternly at our son and declared: “Do you know what a truck is for? TRANSPORTATION!” and I got the giggles so bad I had to hide in the kitchen. Once composed as presiding judge, I asked: “Do we look like two parents who are going to pay for your joyrides indefinitely?” and he looked at us so intently, as if the contours of our faces might confirm or deny the query, that Brandon almost snorted. Having exhausted our severity, we sent him to his room and dissolved in fits of laughter.
You know what I didn’t understand about parenting? No one knows what they are doing.

by Jen Hatmaker on March 6th, 2015

You guys, no joke: I just clapped my hands together and did a little squeal at my desk in my office by myself. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Cause me and a whole bunch of you are about to have the best time.
So, I have a book coming out August 18th - “For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.” After pulling a million pics of covers and art that I loved, going back and forth 25 times with designers, running the finalists past my Friend Test Group not once but three times (bless them), and tweaking even the smallest details down to the flourish on the F, here is the cover:

2016 (2)
February (1)
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May (5)
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December (1)
2013 (29)
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