My thoughts on the Roe v. Wade reversal

May 4, 2022

I’ve sat quietly with the leaked news of the Roe v Wade reversal for two days. Spent time in panicked group texts with my closest women and colleagues. Listened and watched and tried to get centered before offering anything to my community, because my first reaction to something this big…

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Dear Trayvon’s Mom

March 26, 2012

My name is Jen Hatmaker. I’m super white. I even have blue eyes. My hair was snow blonde then it was dirty brown and now it’s gray but I color it so who even knows anymore? (I’m sorry. I overshare when I’m nervous.) My husband and I cranked out three…

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Kony Critics & Throwing Rocks

March 15, 2012

When I was a senior in college in 1996, the administration assigned us all an “email address.” I distinctly remember rolling my eyes, saying: “Who in the world is going to send me a [finger quotes] email? Like anyone is going to use this! How would they even know? If someone wants…

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