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Series 58: For the Love of Facing Our Fears

Here’s a universal truth; we’re all scared of something. Maybe it’s loneliness, rejection, missing out, taking a leap, judgment, aging, illness or death. Perhaps we’re afraid of being stuck, of life’s next stage, or even that we’ll have regrets when it’s all said and done. But fear doesn’t have to dominate how we live our lives. Even though we’re afraid, We’re. Still. Here. And the good news is that every time we stare that fear in the face and decide not to let it own us, we grow a little stronger. Need a little help wrestling some of those fears to the ground? We’ve got your back with this series, because we’re dragging some of those fears out into the open where they can’t hide and continue to hold us back! And we’re going to talk to people who have walked right through those fears—and came out on the other side a little less afraid; giving us all some inspo toward chasing those fears away.

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