Series 59: For the Love of Black Trailblazers

As a Black woman in America today, there’s this intricate tapestry of triumphs and trials that’s woven into your every day. Picture this: you walk into a room and your presence—your skin, your hair, your everything—makes a statement before you even speak. There’s pride there, in the culture that begets these beautiful, strong women; it’s the resilience passed down from generations. But, sometimes, that same pride is shadowed by the weight of stereotypes and glass ceilings that seem to be more like concrete. Our hearts swell when we see Black women rising, taking on CEO titles, leading movements, being the “firsts” and “only” in spaces that never looked like they were meant for black women. Yet, it’s like a punch to the gut when we see another headline that makes it apparent that the fight for equality is far from over. In this series we celebrate the women who have broken the glass ceilings, who have fought through systemic discrimination, who have an unspoken language of humor that turns pain to power, heartache into action. You’ll be encouraged by these shining lights who make things better for all women, and have created an impact for years to come for the generations who follow behind them. 

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