December 21, 2023

Why taking the weekend off is self-care

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“Self-care” as a term has gotten weird. 

It’s almost like it got co-opted from its original intent and now it just applies to things like manicures or massages.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love those things. But I am more interested in the broader idea of self-care.

So, self-care for me looks like taking the whole weekend off. 

That’s not lazy; that doesn’t mean you’re not a hard worker; and it doesn’t mean you’re just phoning in your job or your career. 

Rest is mature. Rest is wise. 

What rest looks like in my life is that, on Friday, I identify what’s outstanding on the task list and I prioritize which of these things literally has to get done before I check out at the end of Friday. 

I make sure that I have any time-restricted tasks finished — anything that has a deadline, anything that’s due — so that I give my brain the possibility of actually taking the weekend off without feeling anxious or guilty or behind. 

It has worked wonders for me.

Whatever your work life looks like — whatever day or two days that you get to build in for days off — prioritize what you need to get done, so that your 3:00 a.m. brain thoughts aren’t racing about what you didn’t finish. 

Gently lay your work down and say: ‘I will see you on Monday; you will be there waiting for me, I know that you will. But in the meantime, I’m going to take these two days and I’m going to rest; I’m going to relax; I’m going to recover; I’m going to be with my people; I’m going to cook long meals in my kitchen; I’m going to take walks.’

All of this isn’t just a luxury, it is imperative to the long game.

Take your weekend, so do whatever you have to do to ensure the weekend feels restful and relaxing to you instead of anxiety-provoking.

Then on Saturday and Sunday (if those are your days), you get to not have care of the world. Watch football, cook pot roast, hang out with your family and friends.

We always need rest; this isn’t just a holiday season suggestion. But, especially now we need it if we want to have enough gas in the tank to get to 2024.

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